temperature and humidity

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Mike Hunt, Dec 5, 2009.

  1. Mike Hunt

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    lately ive noticed that the bike takes a really long time to warm up, if i give it gas too soon it just dies. also at high rpm's it 4strokes badly, i had the same thing happen before when it was warmer, but after it warmed for a few minutes it would work properly. also i noticed this happens when its raining or really humid, but not in cool dry weather. im not sure if this caused it, but this started happening when i reduced the spark gap... any ideas?

  2. Mike Hunt

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    hmm looks like it was the plug, i gapped to it to what it was before ,1/16 of an inch, apparently its supposed to be a lot less, but im getting way better performance like this, so im gonna keep it the way it is.
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    When it is both rainy and cool the atmosphere is saturated (meaning holding max moisture). This is not good for a engine that is tuned up on a clear warm day. This effect is noticed much more in normal aspirated engines (carburetor), then fuel injected engines. End result will be more ambient air then needed and a cooler running engine. One way to see this is to tune up a engine at sea level where the air is thick, then go to like Denver (above 5,000 feet) and a loss of performance occurs due to lack of air/oxygen. The fuel/oxygen ratio is knocked out of kilter.
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    humidity is definitely having an effect, a couple days it was around 2C and the bike refused to start, i thought it was because of the cold, but the next day day it was around -5C and it fired right up before i got to the end of my drive way.

    the question is, how do i tune it so it runs in cool humid type weather