Crashes Tennessee Man Injured

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  1. srdavo

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    I get a daily Google alert in my email on "motorized bicycles". (Bamabikeguy taught me this)

    Been following this sad story:

    Read the comments at the end of the article..... people don't really like us.

    This makes me sad.

    Light 'em up guys!! [Lights & Reflective Vests]

    When you ride at night......Be seen....... Be safe.

    Please, don't make me read about YOU.
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  2. ibdennyak

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    Visibility is a goood thing. Don't want to hear, "where did he come from- I didn't even see him."

    Sounds like he will be OK at least....maybe he will use lights etc. after this.
  3. MikeJ

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    On my soapbox again:

    I hope the rider recovers; according to the article I read he is only injured.

    There is no such thing as "too many lights and reflectors at night!" When I ride at night, people approaching from behind will fully cross the center line to get away from me and pass me. Lots of lights and reflectors of every kind imaginable are far less costly than being struck. And painless.
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  4. Dave C

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    Here the cops would be writing him a ticket while he was laying on the ground for not having a back light. It's already in the law. I have known several bicyclests that have risked it and got to see a judge. I was using a Bell flasher but I just installed a Chinese tail light assembly. It has 7 flashing patterns, yellow turn signals and a brake light with a horn. Don't know how long it will last but the strange thing about the Chinese stuff, if it doesn't break right off the stuff does last a long time. I'm keeping the Bell mount and packing along the flasher in case of breakdown. I also have a back-up head light set-up. A 3 AAA cell LED flashlight with a handlebar mount. Plus my Duro tires have a reflectorized sidewall. I did take off the spoke reflectors, though. I thought they were adding to the vibration but most likely not :p

    I have to agree with Mike on this. If I could carry flare launchers and a fog horn I would:rolleye2s:
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  5. Dave C

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    Hey, sr, he didn't die. heheh, you've been watching too much youtube ;)

    (you know, where someone always asks, "did he die?" when they obviously don't :D )
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    Good lights and a reflective vest are the bare minimum in any less-than-perfect visibility situation. I've even started wearing a hunter orange jacket at most times, day or night. When not, then it's a good bright red jacket.

    The good news is that the motorists actually do treat you with more respect. I guess it means that most of them don't really hate us or even resent us being there. But they do grow annoyed, and more dangerous, when we are difficult to see.

    I'll add this, too; I'm suspicious of rear blinking lights. When I'm driving at night I find those things to be confusing. I have a hard time getting the range of the light until it's fairly late in the game. I recommend a steady rear light combined with bright clothing and a good reflective vest.

    Good luck, best wishes to all injured riders, and be safe.
  8. i ride my bike absolutly *******led i fell off twice, one was a broken shoulder and one was a broken leg i still ride today