Test Results Q-matic/72T Sprocket/Flex Exhaust

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    OK, I installed the EZ Motorbike Flex Exhaust, with my q-matic tranny, 72T rear sprocket, and 4 stroke HS 142F engine. The results are pretty good. The flex pipe gave me about 10% more power from a standing start, and about 15% more power after 10 mph. Good accleration after 10 mph. The top speed I guess is about 30 mph. I live in the city and there is a stop sign at about every block, so I can't really open in up, plus I'm a chicken; as soon as it reaches about 20, I back off on the throttle. Now for the most interesting part: The EZ motorbike flex exhaust makes the bike sound like a small Harley engine, like I'm riding a true motorbike. I will post complete pics in a day or two and a new video, of the BADBOY CHOPPER with a complete 12 volt lighting system, big sissy bar, accent lighting, head light, rear light, stop light, turn signals front and back, and a horn, front disk brake, back caliper brake. Made with the last production chopper Deviate from Nirve bicycle company, featuring a fat 3 inch rear tire.
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    Thanks, I'll watch it.