Test Run short Film,from Helmutt Cycles

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  2. Looks great. If it were mine though I'd put a cutout exhaust on it to quiet it down a little in the neighborhood. Where can I find more info on these Helmutt bikes? From the other videos I assume a few have been made judging by the amount of frames? Do they have a website?
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    Check out ''Snake Bite'' s posts or contact @ DK-helmuttcycles@cox.net or just look at his post/sig above yours for more info
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    I agree "-)

    when I built this beast.. I just said we'll make this One Load To see what she sounds Like. yet I agaree quiet and stealthly would be Much better.. as she sounds pretty nastly. with the megaphoned open pipe..
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    the bike went by too fast !!!
    is that an EZM powered helmutt bike???
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