test your musical knowledge!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by spunout, May 17, 2007.

  1. spunout

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    ok- this'll be fun :) and have nothing to do with motorbikes...is that possible? :eek:
    its a little name that tune. click here for a drum beat from a famous person: http://www.saladrecords.com/BonhamFile22.mp3
    all us old guys will see the name in the ^ link and say,"ok, this should be easy." whereas you young whipper-snappers may have to do a little research.

    the first person to correctly name the song that the drum beat belongs to wins. first prize is lots of warm hugs and tender kisses, which will be collected from azVinnie :eek: , as repayment of his constant torment and harassment while i was talking to somebody else. :evil: :lol: (ahhh...sweet revenge) :evil: :lol: :p
    TAG! you're IT

  2. Guest

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    Fool in the rain?
  3. iRide Customs

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    Yeah, I think that's it. I can hear the whole song in my head but I am not sure of the title.

    And no, I'm not old...just experienced.
  4. spunout

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    DING! DING! :D "Fool in the rain" thats it.
    now, contact azVinnie to collect your prize :p
  5. Guest

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    I'll graciously forfeit my prize to a more deserving player....add it to the prize cashe' for the next contest. :lol:
  6. spunout

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    :lol: :lol: ok, try this one:

    What was the name of the band that included Dickey Betts and Berry Oakley before the birth of the Allman Brothers?
  7. Guest

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    Second Coming....
  8. spunout

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    damn, joe :eek: ...im going to have to come up with something tougher :p
  9. Guest

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    At least in the rock music from 1950's to 1980 area. :lol:
  10. spunout

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    test your musical knowledge

    ok- a question to anybody except Bikeguyjoe (just :p kiddin')

    Jimi Hendrix was asked who was HIS favorite guitarist. What was his reply?
  11. srdavo

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    chet atkins
  12. spunout

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    Nope, but he's good, tho.

    anybody else give it one more stab?
  13. Guest

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    O.K., I'll show I'm human....Les Paul?

    man, I just can't remember that one and I know I read it before!
  14. Guest

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    John Lee Hooker? Frank Zappa?

    aaaiieiieeeeiieeeiieee! Now my head hurts.....
  15. Guest

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    Oh! Oh! I know! Pick me! Pick ME!!!!!!!
  16. spunout

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    u think u got it?
  17. jerryt

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    Andreas Segovia
  18. spunout

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    Re: test your musical knowledge

    the answer is: Billy Gibbons :wink:

    thank you for playing :mrgreen:
  19. Guest

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    Now we got an argument!

    It's Hubert Shumlin.
  20. spunout

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    Who? Gordon Shumway?

    :!: Billy Gibbons
    Born: March 4, 1950
    Houston, TX, USA

    Billy also played in a early sixties band called The Coachman and then in a great band called The Moving Sidewalks. The Moving Sidewalks toured with Jimi Hendrix one season. Jimi is quoted (in the book "The Jimi Hendrix Experience" as calling The Moving Sidewalks the "best garage band in America" and Billy Gibbons his "favorite guitarist." Jimi gave Billy a pink Strat on this tour stating "it's too pretty to burn."

    thats from this link: http://www.xtrememusician.com/info/artists/profiles/982.html