Tested the waters with Polk County Sheriff today!!!!!

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  1. I've had my bike for about two weeks now. I've done a bit of riding in my neighborhood with no issues. I live slightly off the beaten path and kids ride their mini-bikes and 4-wheelers on the roads in my neighborhood without too much concern. Only had a cop stop and ask if I saw which way a motorcycle went one time. I told him that I didn't care if motorcycles use the street. They typically drove slower than the legal cars!

    Anyways, I typically take my bike for a spin over lunch. Today, I was working on my bike and wanted to take it for a little shakedown run. I looked out my driveway and noticed a sheriff's car sitting just down the street. I figured, "Hey! I'm going to find out sometime!" So, I mosied myself out onto the street and fired her up. Buzzed on up to the stop sign where he was sitting and waved. He waved back and I continued on to the end of the dead end street where I was going. I buzzed on back to the stop sign, waved again and headed home. Not 5 minutes later, he drove off. I'm not sure but I wonder if one of the neighbors called about some "kid on a mini-bike (me) riding around over lunch hour". He didn't seem too concerned and I just went on. I've passed a few county sheriffs before and there was never any issue so I think that has helped with my apprehension. This just helped a little more. I checked out many of the laws for Florida, and my county where I could and figured that things would be okay. But, sometimes you can never tell. Maybe someday, I'll meet that particular police, but so far, things is good!

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    That police man you mentioned first might have been looking for a suspect (robbery etc).

    But good to hear that the police are allowing your MB. If you can, start a state or city MB club and try to find out all of your rights and requirements. Then you can share evaluations of what is legal beagle and what flies under the radar, and maybe chip in if someone gets charged by anti-MB's and gets a ticket.
  3. There are two more people who are purchasing engines for a motoredbike in my area. My hope is that it becomes common enough that it doesn't draw any undue attention but, doesn't become so common that it begins to create issues and demand attention.

    They have just widened the main road and given a bike lane on the side of the road. My question is, since I know that I can't ride on the bike path (reconditioned railroad bed) with the engine running but, what about this bike lane alongside the road? Any input?
  4. Check what others have written here concerning MB laws in Florida. You should be just fine in the bike lane.
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    doubt that anyone called the pooolice on you
    as you will (should) find in time
    no one seems to be very concerned regarding motorized bicycles
    an occasional small boy hanging from a car window
    admiring your machine
    and drooling on himself

    as we ride those things
  6. Which is fine with me if he was there for any other reason. Heck, I'd probably like to not be bothered by him as much as he is probably not wanting to bother with me. It's just nice to know that they've seen me and it hasn't been an issue. I intend on not making it an issue either.
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    florida is set up pretty nicely for MB's (i wish more members would put their location in their public profile)

    cops & rescue personnel are atuned to safety first, the presumption being that if you're doing your best the less likely they'll have to come save you or otherwise be bothered.

    lights & helmet, hand-signals if you're inclined, obey the rules of road, respect other motorists, blah blah...don't give anyone a reason to complain that can be avoided thru your choices.

    my personal take on bike paths & bike lanes: dedicated bike paths shouldn't be motored on imo (public-image)...but bike lanes are prudent to use so long as you give full way to pedal bikes, passing them widely & safely, just as you like to be passed.

    all just my opinion, of course :cool2:
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    GAS motorized bikes (as well as regular bikes ) are definitely allowed on the side of the road (or regular bikes are obviously allowed in the bike lane if you have them, but not for gas). The only caveat to the whole thing (in Florida) is that most counties require you to have a drivers license to ride the gas powered ones.
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    Florida - brevard county

    I can tell you that I was apprehended by the state Police in cocoa on 520 on the bike lane.

    3 tickets. No registration. No licence. Riding in the bike lane.

    Hand printouts from DMV that I thought proved it OK. (The information from the DMV apparently applies only to electric " motor bikes " ).

    Cop told me if I got my printout out of my backpack I would be handuffed and thrown in jail

    Went to court and made a plea deal, guilty for riding in the bike lane, $ 50 fine, all others dropped.

    stay away from the bike lane
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    What a jerk! To tow your bicycle, handcuff you and jail you, for trying to prove your innocence?
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    i stand corrected about my general "take" on florida.

    it seems, state by state, good-codes bad-codes gray-area...MB-enforcement is still case-by-case, and depends on mood a lot still...

    not to stir things up, but we don't have any details about rider appearance or behavior in the "handcuff" case. if it really came down to bike lane, then geez i'll never use one again or advise anyone else to, either.
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  12. Yeah, handcuffs seems a little extreme. It appears that it wasn't the infraction that was the issue in that situation....