Testing different style pipes.

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    [YOUTUBE][/YOUTUBE]Motorized bicyle chopper
    Testing different style pipes and different headet lenghts. I have tested two different style pipes and about eight different lenghts, rejetted once had to and drill jet larger. The black pipe is the older one it has very good high end with header at about 16 inches long. Taking in mind mind my 6ft 210 pounds and heavy chopper. Got the black pipe to get me to 41.8 mph dont know if it could have gone faster because I have a 44tooth sprocket and I ran out of space. I am still curently testing header lenghths on the chrome pipe. I only tested at 22, 20, 18 and Im currently at 16 and wil test that when it stops raining hear NYC. But it has unbelievable torque, low end but I cant get it past 32mph but it gets there in about 4 seconds after starting at about 8 or 9 mph. In these videos I am just basically heating up my automotive exhaust repair tape which is the black tape looking stuff around the pipe. Thats how I weld my pipes togther it works wonders when it heats up it melts and dries around pipe forming and airtight seal and cant be heated to melt again. Excellent product for those like myself that dont have access to a welder. Will try to post high speed vids soon and also better videos. If you dont see any videos is because I cant, but if you want you can go to Motorized bicycle chopper on You Tube and check
    out some vids.