Testing the EZM on the Helmutt Bicycle

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    So Far I am extremely Impressed with the EZM Motor and drive sytem.. I have Of cource Used the optional Belt final drive going back and forth with a 2" and 3" final drive pulleys..Mated with the Whizzer Sheave on the rear wheel.. The 3" I get amazing top speed. Of 43 mph, yet the start Off Is Some serious feathering Of the Manual clutch. and that Combo.is Not very good at climbing Hills.. with the 2" final drive Pulley she climbs very step Hills,and the trade Off Is a top speed Of only 32mph.. As hey!! when riding a Motor Bike your average speeds we're cruzing is 18 to 23mph.. and Hills don't create a change Of cource.. Here In PHX we do Have some real Hill climbs around the Valley.. After all This Is a Part Of the Rocky Mountains,and I like to Go Up to the top of a Mountain.. Later My fellow Motor Bikers DK-Hemutt Cycles

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    glad to hear it's a runner now !!!
    I am amazed at how well mine pulls the trailer/girls :)
    they are cool little engines aren't they :cool2:
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    testing In Fountain Hills Az.

    Yepe and Fountain Hills Is a prime example Of the Rocky Mountains.. But I Love the world class Bike Lanes there.. we'll get together soon.. Just ride and Have some fun.. Later Bill ... Helmutt
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    EZM at the delta Whizz in

    Yes The Helmutt EZM Did Make the Delta Whizz In Ride.. This Little screamer did finish the short version 60 Mile Not the Ninty,,a Number Of us didn't want to go the whole 90 Miler.. 60 was plenty.. yet Must say My EZ Power did kick through it quit Nice with No Problems although I wished I had changed My gearing to a Taller Gear.. But she Hummmed along just Fine.. and all seemed to Have a Blast....