Testing Waters in Aus for Scwinn

Testing Waters in Aus for Schwinn

I have always wondered where the Scwinn Beach Cruiser are made cos I have not found any in Australia.
There is a Electra look-a-like made in you know where, but way way WAY over priced.

I'm interested in buying a Scwinn Beach Cruiser as you call them I think, but it may have to be a import. Has anyone done this before ?
I have done a Google for Scwinn in Australia, our bikes shops here are, emm, "Never heard of them" type of thing, and I mean major bike dealers, if it ain't on the stock list, it don't get a mention, but I guess the sales rep is only doing his job and that's ok.
So I'll do my job and ask if anyone here is willing to go through the motions and do a deal on getting me a Scwinn, preferably new, buta good used one is ok. It would be a one time thing, but if it kicks off and I get 20 questions, ya might wanna do more deals. Pipe dreaming at the moment, this is just interim see if anyone is interested.

Finaly, I remember one of my school bikes way back in 73, it was a dragster with a T-bar 3 speed shifter. The curved bar on your Schwinn Beach Cruisers resembles the curved bar the T-bat Shifter was fastened on the dragster bike.
Would my dragster then, have been a Schwinn ?
Or does anyone remember these bikes of that time around 1973 ?


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