Texan, Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen!

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    My name is Maxx, I live in San Antonio TX, and I thoroughly enjoy riding my motorized bicycle. :eek:

    Its an SD Stinger kit, all stock (NT Carb, Cheap Throttle, non CNC rear sprocket mount which makes me sad to hear bending my spokes) except for the fuel line and various lubricants used. Finished putting it together about two weeks ago, and have been slowly breaking it in, fidgeting with the idle screw to try to keep the bike running when lean. Pretty sure I'm a tad too rich as my spark plug is dark colored at the moment. Probably going to adjust the carb jet needle once we fill er back up to lean up a tad.

    Currently we are on tank #2 (16:1), practically empty and ready to be filled with some leaner mix.
    Shes not running at the best mileage, but I wanted to make sure the first 2 tanks were sufficiently rich enough to coat the new parts and break them in properly. So shes running with the choke slightly on (5%-10% on) and only in 20 - 25 minute intervals. Ran her like a baby the first tank then started giving her more gas. Try to keep it in between 1/3-1/2 throttle, and she picks up quite well. At half throttle she can beat a 50 cc 2 stroke honda from 76' like nothin, but cant seem to get her above 22-25 mph. Scared to work the engine too hard too early.

    First couple rides she was HOT.
    Now I can put my hand on the engine when stopped to idle and not get 3rd degree burns.
    (Learned my lesson, Wear pants next to an exposed motor XD)

    Overall, putting together a bike kit and dealing with all the little things that come up has been quite an enjoyable experience.

    If you need help, or have questions, feel free to contact me.
    Especially if you want to RIDE!

    Im glad to have found a community whom has the same interests.

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    Welcome to the forum? Hope your all dried out by now.
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    Welcome, I've been to San Antonio, do y'all still do the boat parade on the Riverwalk for Halloween? I was there back in '02, great party!
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    Hi Maxx, I'm Rosie and I'd like to get to know other owners that can teach me a little more about my bike. .. lmk
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    What did you need to know?
    Right now im in the process of replacing the engine studs, the head and the exhaust. Waiting on my helicoil, its taking forever.
    Lots of work, but itll be done in a week.