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    New here, I read the long post by the student from
    Texas State. I wanted to thank him for all his work.
    I want a motorized bicycle. The adds on line ( Extreme
    Vehicle Mall) and some others, claim that these
    bicycles do not have to be registered, and can be
    driven with out a licence. It would be wonderful if
    some one:tt1: could give me some honest direction here.
    I do not care if my ride is gas or electric..just need
    to get to work.

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    Welcome to the forum and you are going to get different, but honest answers about motorbikes in TX. If you plan to go electric, you should have no problems and can get away with some sidewalking, multi-use paths and any road with a speed limit of 35mph or less.
    Motorized bikes fit the legal description of a goped (which is legal on streets with a speed limit of 35mph or less) if your engine is under 40cc. However, in some parts of TX, officers think that anything on the street with a motor should have a tag and will issue tickets accordingly.
    In TX, you cannot get a tag for a motorized bike because you must present a certificate of origin from the manufacturer and proof of insurance (which cannot be obtained for a bicycle.
    The police show no interest in me and my motorized bike if I am on the right roads and observing a 20mph speed limit in Katy. Texans in other areas, like College Station, report being pulled over a lot.
    IMHO, get an electric assist bike or kit because they are allowed on the street by federal law.
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    Beth...The answers to your questions have a lot to do with the state where you are riding. I presume you are in Texas, but that doesn't really say where you will be riding (as a student in Texas may be from somewhere else.) License laws change from state to state. In FL I don't need to register my motorated trike, but I do need a driver's licence (at least at last check.) Read the rules and regs in the "Laws Forum" and you will see what I mean.

    As for the type of bike to buy, that is a personal thing. Please read, look at the photo gallery, and ask questions. We have the sharpest group of Gurus on the web here. Everyone is friendly, and will be glad to answer questions...but be sure to read the necessary threads at the first part of the Forums so you will know the rules. Again, don't hesitate to ask questions. Like everyone else right now, I know your finances might be limited...but in the final analysis, don't sacrifice "safety" for "cost."

    And, Welcome to the Forums at MBc.
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