texas laws in lufkin

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    I was stoped in Lufkin TX by our local police they asked me to meet them at the police station (about 5 miles ) I did so and for 2 hrs they went through every law they could find trying to get me for something they finally decided that I was totaly legal no tags or license required but that to make them happy I had to wear a helmet and an orange safety vest and they even gave me a safety vest to wear cool huh

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    Sounds like they are real ****s! At least they let you go.
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    Only in the land of the free.
  4. You were very lucky, i was pulled over,made to wait 2hours,then ticketed,and now i have to remove engine,pay fines and just peddal my bike.

    the scooter operator doesn't need a driver license,
    the scooter operator doesn't need liability insurance,
    the scooter doesn't have to be registered or have a license plate,
    the scooter doesn't have to carry a low speed vehicle emblem; and,
    the scooter doesn't have to be inspected.

    Needs 2 wheels,brakes,40cc,gas or electric,a deck designed to allow a person to stand or sit
    while operating the device; and the ability to be propelled by human power alone,A
    motor-assisted scooter may be operated only on a street or highway
    for which the posted speed limit is 35 miles per hour or less, A person may operate a motor-assisted scooter on a path set aside for the exclusive operation of bicycles or on a sidewalk

    Well if you can't get your bike to look like a scooter, go get a cheap walmart push or electric scooter and put your engine on it,it can't get any better than that. And as far as the 40cc goes,you can make a metal plate and stamp 40cc on it and put that on your engine right where the other plate is,if it even has one. And i bet you could remove the peddals from bike and add a half deck on each side for your feet.
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    re: Scooter.

    Perhaps if you weld platforms on the chainstays, it can count!

    I have seen a new German bicycle that has a step-through frame with no top bar. I wonder if that will count as a "scooter" should someone put a roller drive kit on it.
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    I think there were some other threads about trying to pass Motorised Bicycles as "scooters". I don't know how any of them fared after trying to weld platforms on their bikes.

    If you go for this design idea (platforms welded on the stays), you might need to use a smaller wheel diameter to get it closer to the ground.

    Also, "hanging" the platforms from extensions welded to the down tube/bb area, and braced around the rear of the wheel, might facilitate being able to actually use them.
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    I am doing fine now that I wear my helmet and safety vest , though it is kind of insulting as I live in a country community where kids as young as 10 fly up and down our street on 4 wheelers and a small motorcycle no helmet or tags . Then to add insult even more a squirrel took my vest out of my basket in the yard and made a nest with it in the top of a tree lol I had to buy a new vest .
  8. Since the scooters are legal i wouldn't even bother with a bike frame,i would use a cheap walmart electric scooter with seat and replace the elctric for a gas bicycle motor.