Texas sucks for gasers - going electric!

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    Hello out there. I have seen these gasers fly by and decided it was time to get back on the bike but this time with gas - whoops! Not happening here. The laws are so strict that is is stupid. Gasers are screwed buy an adendum that actually states there must be a deck and the have to be registratable along with insurance etc.... but electric has two thing - bike can't weigh over 100lbs and can't exceed 1000w.
    A long time ago I used to race. Was a good up and coming but then tragedy - I became a human speed bump and that ended everything. 9.5 months in a body cast and traction. Anyway, my doc says that I can ride recumbents but not uprights (and I actually believe him). So, I have very little stamina and legs for this and want to do a trike like Butch's AZ Warrior Tadpole EZM Q-Matic Trike but electric. I'm doing this so I can actually get home. The electric is for after I have ridin. Oh! It will be so nice to get out and ride again even if it is in the layed back position. Hey Butch - any ideas for me? I would like to mount a Currie or something similar instead of your gas system and will possibly be using this:
    Anyone use this item? What are your votes?

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    not familiar with that set up but there are many good conversion kits out there---cool to see you are slowly getting back to health and going to get out again

    welcome aboard
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    I have been riding my motorbike in TX for over a year (Houston Area) with no interest or notice from law enforcement. I basically follow the goped statute rules (stay on roads with a speed limit of 35mph or less). I wear a helmet and usually a back pack to look like a commuter.
    They will get you if you ride motorized on the sidewalk or multi-use paths. If your route includes sidewalks, go with an electric kit (like ampedbikes.com or ebikekit.com).
    Some areas of TX have been intolerant of gas assisted bikes. A&M and some other college campuses will fine you.
    We have members near Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and Corpus that have been tolerated by the law men.
    Electric assist is your safest option, but I wouldn't say that it is your only option in TX.
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    I've already been warned NOT to discuss politics here so I won't.
    IMO the limiting factor with electric is battery technology.
    It simply has not achieved the energy to weight ration we require at a cost effective level.
    Whew! It's hard to talk without straying into the business of getting along with each other!
    Good luck to you.
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    texas Law...

    I dont have any problems riding in FT. worth.. just Gotta stay off the bike trails ... But the streets are fair game... my Gebe is so small and quits that most of the time they dont even see me!!!!
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    Trying not to be too political myself...

    Let's just say that certain cities within the actual city are the actual problem plus campuses. But electric is fairly wide open. The biggest problem is the noise ordinance and the fact that gas means motorcycle to them which means it needs to be reistered and insured... Anyway, I am too far down the rabbit hole here and don't want to get into any trouble. What I am looking at now is a mid-mounted motor setup and was wondering what would be a good 700 to 1000w setup for a trike that won't cause me to sell body parts. :)
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    "cool to see you are slowly getting back to health and going to get out again"

    Thanks I miss it bad! I actually did race from 78-84 - even did a 200 meter sprint in 12.89 seconds on a Miata frame/fork, Shimano gear excluding brakes, Sache chain, Weinmann brakes, Carlisle for all rubber stuff... It weighed 24lbs in 83 when I did it at the Orange Bowl in Florida. 84 was in a body cast and traction for 9.5 month then a chair for a bit but never gave up until my back gave up for me taking me off regular upright bikes. I am overjoyed that I can ride laid-backs (recumbents). I'll take it slow and retool this ol body into a decent machine again but in the meantime - I'm not stupid. I want the electric as a primary means of getting my butt home again if need be and as a secondary: FUN!
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    WOW - Thanks!

    I appreciate the input and links. :eek:

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    Just curious.... I am in Texas also and have not had any problems, what city are you in?