Texas Titan

When I saw the FedEx truck pull up to my warehouse this morning at 9am I ran out to the parking lot yelling it's here it's here! It was the longest day ever, luckily I had to work my tail off so I didn't have to think about waiting till I got home.
The Texas Titan is the fastest, coolest, smoothest ride ever. I hope mine will be too.
I would have more installed tonight but I have stuff like feeding, bathing and tucking in the kids.
Anyhow, it's going on a bike from walmart with 24 inch wheels and suspension all the way around.
Why 24 you ask. I have some friends who just barely can't ride on 26's and the only thing better than riding a motorbike is riding motorbikes with someone else.
The kit looks simple enough, not too many parts. I'm guessing Duane made most pieces by hand, like welding the sprockets to the jacksaft and PTO.

More to come. Someone else is getting their Titan soon too.:D


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That looks like it will be a cool ride Scott. I had one of those Next full suspension bikes around, but before I found out about MotoredBikes I cut the frame apart for something else. I could kick myself now. Anyway, lookin' good.
Hats off to Duane for listening to consumers. That or he just got tired of all the phonecalls and e-mails. He included a Made in America, plain English 5 page instruction book with pictures.
Dax is the man. always helpful, sells products he can stand behind and we can ride around on.
All together now

Well here it is. It has to be the smoothest ride ever. The motor is up against my back and it doesn't vibrate or irritate. I will move it back some more.
The only thing I had problems with is clearance with nuts and bolts which were easily reversed One picture shows the locking bolt that keeps the sprocket in place on the jackshaft. It was clicking against the T-post but quickly wore a groove in it and is quite now.

I didn't check the throttle cable ends before I started it. The metal end of the sleeve was hung up on the throttle handle so when I started the bike, it was wie open and the bike tried to stand up and take off.:eek: Amazing the differance 1/2 inch makes.

The kick stand on this bike does not even touch the ground. As with everything I build there has to be a bit of red neck involved. Nothing rebar and a welder cant fix.

This bike flies. I'll put a speedo on it tonight since I couldn't get off it today.


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well, scott after seeing this. im sold. once the tax check gets here, im buying a titan and returning the p.o.s 1 boy go fast sold me.
Man that brings tears that install in that I see everything there like Cronus.
Scott,maybe you can get two more tensioner brackets so you can do like on mine.
HEY! I have yet another reason to go back to DAX besides the clutch springs.
I had forgotten to get that Titan sticker!
Tater,I'll tell you. This Titan package is the apithamy of SMOOTH.
Duane done good here.
Scott,on that last pic,would it do better with clearance if you flipped that sprocket so the tightening nut would fall on the other side? It looks real close,although if it's not hitting anything...
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I'm jealous as all heck and i've got nothin to say. ;)

Naa just kiddin(only about the nothin to say bit)........Extremely well done to all the Titan owners(and Dax) & hope u have MANY trouble-free miles in front of you.Keep us posted. :cool:
Hey Scott.

Scott. I can send you a couple of brackets so you can move that motor back a few more inches. Like I did for Large. Let me know..Thanks.. Enjoy the ride..