Thank a Veteran Today

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  1. augidog

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    remember, you're not honoring the policies or politics, you're honoring the soldier and the sacrifice :cool2:

  2. Chris Crew

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    Thanks, Vets.
  3. Barbie's hubbie

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    Dear Chris Crew, it was my honor to serve you! For many years now, as a Nam vet., I have felt like a third class citizen, but it's all good, since, at least for the time being, we are free to ride our MBs (a great symbol of our freedom)
  4. augidog

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    hiya Barbie's hubbie...thank YOU for the ultimate sacrifice our NAM-VET brothers & sisters made...service to an unappreciative society.

    i'm a cold-war navy veteran, not a great record, but i did take part in a '76 west-pac and completed it proudly & honorably. machinist's mate, uss chicago, forward that was some serious gearheadin' i tellyawut.

    i spent many years being even lower than a namvet, if that's wasn't until the mid (late?) 80's that the cold-war was designated as an official era of service.

    again, thank you...i served with vietnam veterans, watched them suffer for years afterwards, and even into the 90's i was still losing friends to that horrible conflicts' after-effects.

    be proud, brother, because you know who you are...ride on :cool2:

    OP-EDIT: i tried to get the topic started as close to the 11th hour as i's amazing what a wee bit of recognition can do for a former soldier who's feeling down :)
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