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    Hello, Glad to see some valuable info. is indeed available for these bikes. I live in suburbs of Detroit Michigan. BTW, Detroit is Huge dump and an embarrasment to the state of Michigan. Too bad it's run by criminals and Yo-MTV Raps, Thug Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. Chicago is what I wish Detroit could be. Anyway, my son just got the GFB 2 cycle china setup. So I've found myself becoming his mechanic. I see all the info on here is a BIG help. Needed to pull apart castings and smooth out the edges so the gaskets don't leak. Just poor craftsmanship and cheap soft parts. We first started out with a Homelite weed-wacker motor and mounted that on rear tire with a drive peg. It was direct drive with no clutch. Worked O.K. for awhile. He thought the GFB set-up might be more reliable, but he's finding that may not be true. I'm teaching him patients...and if he takes care of all the weak points with this new set-up, and don't race the motor, it should work fine for him. He just rides around 1-2 miles so if he does have a problem, he can still pedal home. That's about it.

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    i hope the weakest point doesn't turn out to be his you have him wearing a helmet and using full-time lights? so cool to see MB'ing in the father-son realm, it makes me all mushy :)

    welcome aboard :cool: