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    I'm currently transforming a Felt 40th anniversary Hot Wheels cruiser into my daily commuter ride for my 40th B-day! I just received the motor and look forward to putting it together in the morning at the end of my night shift. I used to race bicycles from the mid '70's into the late '80's mostly as a junior but was injured during a tour of duty in the Navy so I turned to muscle cars but as we all know, the price of the precious gasoline is steep! I considered electric but the technology is just not there yet for my applications and then I discovered quite by accident the motorized bicycle and now I'm so close that I can taste it ( actually, it's time for my lunch break lol)! I really enjoy the concept of combining my love of cycling and horsepower and I look forward to the many years of passing up those slow Mass transit rides that seem to eat away at least 3-4 hours of my life. No more for freedom lies in the engine powered wheels of my bicycle! Also, this feeds my long lost yearning to do something wild and creative.

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    Hey, no problem, sunsetboy. Welcome aboard.

    I don't even need to go over the reasons to motor a bike; you've outlined them pretty well yourself. And you'll find helpful info and friendly people here.

    Without a doubt the most worthwhile forum that I've yet found.

    Happy riding.
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    Welcome,glad your here!
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    Hey sunsetboy. Yes, there is no limit doing something wild and creative here. Welcome!