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    Got myself a 2011 Grubee GT5 from PistonBikes after doing research on your forum and another. PistonBikes received very good reviews and when I placed my order the reviews were proven true. Thanks.
    Have my engine on the cheapest bike I could find at the time since it would not fit on the nice bike that I had (top bar too much of a slant). $79 Target special. Had to get it running and play!! Plan to mount it on a nice beach cruiser soon.

    It came with the CNS EPA approved racing carb. That is now in the trash and the basic carb is on and running fine.

    Have four "adults" in my neighborhood hoocked with two more begging their wives to "let them" come jooin our "born to be mild" club.

    Thanks again for the help.

    Jim from Jax

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    Welcome aboard, Jim :D