Thanks!!! (help finding old motoredbike?)


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Mar 11, 2008
Hiedelberg, Germany
Thank you very much to those that have welcomed me to 'The gang" here at!! Its great to know when you start something new that you can rely on others with great experience to help you along!! I of course do not want to clog up the forum with stupid questions, and I hope that this is the proper place to ask a couple of (newbee) questions.
I would really like to find a company that deals with older but new or rebuilt antiuqe gas bicycles. I remember when I was a kid and starting to fly remote control planes back in the early 60s a Neighbor of ours that was building planes in his garage had a really nice Gas powered bicycle that his son used to deliver papers in the Miami area. As I remember, it was sort of a gold or yellow colored machine, with the motor in the middle of the frame, and I think it had a suspention on the front wheel and it was rather large, the size of a full size bike at least---And I remember that sound---when he would start it up----Put--Put--Put-Put and then he would take off!! and it seemed (at the time) to be fairly quick!!----Thats where I would like to go with this!! I also remember more recently, when I owned an arial photography business near Daytona Beach, that the guy that owned the hanger just down from mine, had a similar gas powered bicycle that he would ride around on from time to time that looked almost the same. he said when I first met him that it was nearly 50 years old!! Any one have any Ideas on that or where I may be able to find one or a replica?? I will not say that money is no object, but if I am going to get into this (which I am) I would really like to have something that is unique and from a period of time that reflects the ' Golden Age' do you think that something like that could be had in top form for 1-3 thousand$ or so?? Thanks so very much!!!---Rhett
it sounds like you may have found yourself interested in a couple old whizzers...the topic doesn't really fit in here (ask/get link) but we appreciate that you're concerned with forum-ops :)

we'll get you into the "heritage" area (i tweaked the title) and take it from there.
Try looking in the section with pictures on this site. I've come across so many links here as well that have great old school pics but to try and hunt them down would be too much right now. Google image search is great, that is how I found this for you and to be honest, it was the first one I came across. There were thousands more!!!
Try this and look around, I like your taste.The pic is a members bike that I like

Sorry I see it did not work, it should not have those dots after the word page and I've tried to "edit" it but you can click on the link shown on the "Sorry can not be found page, I just tried it...In found this cool thing there as well with the "side drive"??


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Thanks for respnding to my Questions, sorry that it was out of the forum a bit I will try to do better as time goes on and I have already looked at one of the suggested areas and found a (on page 18) a 1961 Norton Jubille-250 cc that is tempting, if only to save it and use as a conversation piece in the den, I did that very same thing with an ALL-STATE scooter that my dad had many many years ago that he used when he and my Mom first married and he was in the Marines in Virginia, it sat unused in the garage in Boca Raton until I asked if I could have it in the late 80s, I completely restored it in baby blue and tan and placed it in my den at the time, I stilll have it at my sisters in Miami, her husband rides it on occasion around thier underground parking lot. But that is all a bit out of the realm of what I seek, I really want to explore what I first mentioned ---a classic golden period, gas Bicycle!! Hey dont get me wrong, I went into SPOOKY-TOOTH and saw some wonderful things, I especially liked the 'Quarve" and would be greatly interested in something like that to ride on a day-to-day basis, but I also liked thier 'Industrial" model, do you think it would be possible to combine several of the best features from several of thier models into one??---I know,, call and ask them, but I would first like some in-put from you guys out in the 'trenches' that may have some 'hands on' in this sort of area. Thanks again for putting up with such nieve questions, thank you all so very much!! Best regards,, Rhett
Thanks for that augidog, I've never figured out how to do that stuff at times, same with linking pages here. I have no clue.
That is one nice bike Rhett but it's a motorcycle, that's for sure. Man that thing is like brand new and would look great in your living room. That's what I love about this site, it has opened up a whole new world for me. I always figured that this motorized bike stuff was invented in the 1970s with mopeds. I can still remember my first time on this site and finding the pics of members bikes.
You are right Cooltoy

I feel pretty much the same. My wife came home from the base yesterday only to find me glued to the computer and this web site and I called her upstairs and showed her a picture of a 'Whizzer" and said 'sweet heart, look what I am getting into'!! notice that I used 'sweet heart' first!! for years she has happily put up with remote control planes all over the place, pieces of balsa wood, using her dinner plates to solder stuff on, there are 2 planes sitting on the dinning room table right now!! (I live within walking distance from our club field) and then there was the time in Orlando when she came home one day and her brand new Chrysler Sebring was sitting in the driveway and in the garage was an airplane!! A real one!! Any way, selling her on these gas powered bikes should be easy after all of that.
So you found the Wizzer did you. I'm laughing to myself because that was the bike that got me when I first got here. It's like everything you could ask for in this "sport" of ours.
It sounds like you could afford a Wizzer or you could just spend $400 and get a happy- time and have fun. They really are great you know and there is no reason that you can't get a couple of years out of them.
The only reason I will not get a Wizzer is because the police have yet to bug me with my bike. A Wizzer looks too much like an old motorcycle.
Anyhow, glad you found this place. Enjoy!