Thanks, & Some rim-brake stuff, too.



I finally got my motor and bike put together correctly. I would not have been able to do it without all the help I received on this web site. Every question I had was answered. I rode my bike all weekend only stopping to sleep and mow the yard. My tail bone and arms are worn out as well as my face from grinning from ear to ear. Several people stopped me and asked where I got my bike or just to talk about it.
Like I said in another post, in all my 38 years I've never had a pedal fall off a bike until this one. I highly recommend the safety tips fourm.
Thanks to all the moderators, senior members and admins for making this site what it is. My best advice to all the new guys (if you read this after filling out an introduction) take a deep breath, slow down and take your time. You will be on the road in no time. If you can't find what you are looking for by searching, just browse the threads.
I have 2 questions, can this be don on a bike with no hand brakes? I saw where people said replace the factory spark plug with a J8, why?

Thanks so much, I love my motor bike
wow, thank you for those kind words. it's always gratifying to hear we're doing things right. i look forward to watching you turn into one of the members the new guy thanks someday :cool:

i have a coaster brake and love it...but don't try it without the safety redundancy of a front rim-brake at the least. there's nothing worse than trying to stop and suddenly needing to use your feet for balancing, it sure makes for a tough choice about whether to fall down or run into something :eek:
I have front and rear rim brakes. The rear brakes fell apart on my very first ride. With both sets working again, I still find myself making that choice of falling or hitting something. I have fallen twice.
I got my bike at a pawn shop, I didn't think to check all the nuts and bolts till I got here.
try MAGURA rim brakes hs33 they are hydraulic rim brakes that fit on standard post mounts
pricing as far as i know is aproxx 90 - 99 pounds UK
trials bikes use them as they work savagely
i have a pair i use on my bike hs22 they are aproxx 10 years old [casting shows 96]


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jealous of the hydraulic brakes! but my rear cantilever brakes work pretty well, they slow me to a stop from 20mph in abot 30 feet. If I need to stop more rapidly I use the front brakes.
I use the exact set of levers as Augi, probably got it from the same seller on ebay.

I love them! It took a few trials to get the front to rear balance right, but worth it. It is nice to have brakes on one side and the clutch on the other. I have seen installs with the clutch and brake levers on the same side and have ridden one of them. Hated it.....
my first bike (haro in gallery) had both clutch and brake on left...when azvinnie took it for his first ride, he hit brake instead of clutch and endoed:eek:
I have been using a double brake lever ever since :LOL:
I now have v-brake in back and drum in front...they stop me and a trailer carrying my 2 granddaughters just fine
I'm getting pretty good at switching between the clutch and brake. I am running out of room on the handle bars, as I'm sure you have encountered before. Brakes, clutch, mirror, light, gear shifts, kill switch. Now i need a basket for my trips to the ez mart. I've tried the type of mirror that fits into the end of the tube, but it just pops out.
I don't know much about bike brakes, still learning to adjust them.
Does anyone else's brakes squeel or make a loud racket? I've learned to throttle off a good distance from my stop.
Thanks again for all the input. I love my bike. Every evening I ask my 2 girls 7 and 11 if they mind if daddy goes riding for 10 minutes.
I don't know much about bike brakes, still learning to adjust them.
Does anyone else's brakes squeal or make a loud racket? I've learned to throttle off a good distance from my stop.

Bike brakes need to be adjusted so that the leading (front) edge makes contact with the wheel first. Just a little. too much toe in and your brakes wear uneven and braking power suffers. flat or toe out causes the brakes to squeal and or chatter.

I hope this helps;)
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