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    Quenton Guenther wrote about the Whizzer Newsletter that we publish and we want to thank him for doing that. We enjoy putting out the newsletter to keep Whizzer enthusiasm alive and updated on what's going on. To date there are 166 Whizzer guys and gals all over the US who get the newsletter. Thank you, Quenton.

  2. I want one too. Is there a subscription link or do you have to actually be a whizzer owner?
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    Large, Quenton posted the information in the Whizzer section. Here's the link:
    Also, you needn't own a Whizzer to subscribe, just an interest in them is all you need.
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    Whizzer Newsletter

    We are getting a lot of requests for information about the Whizzer Newsletter. This is our 4th year of writing it -- it was done before that but mainly for the Chicagoland area. It was more of a calendar of events back then. Now we have Quenton writing a monthly technical article, and others with 'how they did things', stuff that's happened to them, how they got their Whizzer, etc. We still have the calendar of events, but it's for shows, meets, swaps happening all over the US.

    To cover copying and postage, we charge $20 per year (our year going from January thru December -- no bookkeeping that way). If you're interested, send check to: Terry McAllister
    8407 Chestnut Ln.
    Cary, IL 60013

    phone: 847-639-2228 -- if you want to 'talk' Whizzers