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    I want to say thanks to all in this forum. I had been thinking about doing this for well over a year now. After about 3 weeks of reading the posts here I finally ordered a kit and did my first build. I have been riding that thing for 2 days now. I'm an old motorcyclist but this is just way fun. Reading all the posts here helped me get it right the first time and I'm sure has kept me from having tons of frustrating problems. It took me nearing 2 days to finish. I used a bolt upgrade kit and was pretty careful doing the install. I incorporated about every idea from here I could and I think it really paid off. If I can stay off long enough tomarrow I'll post a pic but it's just a basic Mt bike build. Anyway thanks again. :cool2:

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    Cool but remember the MBc's code, "If you finish the bike, you've done something wrong".
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    i can relate, my MBc is WAY more fun and a real adventure to ride compared to either of my motorcycles.

    glad you're happy, ride like a gladiator "someones going to die today and it's NOT going to be me"

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    LOL...i like that,make a good signature............"If you've finished your bike you've done something wrong".
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    Ya that "it's never finished" thing sure seems to ring clear. Made my second order from SBP last night. Dual pull brake lever, half link, couple other goodies. Didn't take long to realize just a front rim brake wasn't going to cut it.
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    Looking forward to pictures.
    Sent you a PM.
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    Yup, there's no doubt that reading these threads helped me to avoid errors that would have been a pain. Very valuable info.

    Not to mention that fact that it's fun to be chatting with folks with the same passion and experiences. Most of us are alone in the real world, but we're part of a community on this site.

    What still surprises me is how many people are impressed and even excited over my bike, but who won't take the next step. I'll point them in this direction and make it clear that it's cheap and easy, yet they don't do it. Funny thing.
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    Indeed - thanks to all and to all a happy MB!!
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    pics please!
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    Thanks !

    I too would like to thank all the poeple that have helped me here in this forum. Several have sent private messages with helpful information. A special thanks to them. They know who who they are. Actually, thanks to the whole forum !!!!!

    ..... PC .....
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    You know what everone that's seen my bike so far likes about it the most ? The dad blame little clangidy clang mechanical bell that's mounted on the handle bars ! I put it on the bike when I first got it like 5 or 6 years ago for function, not to be cute. I have not figured out yet why they get so intrigued with that bell !!! But I think it's funny anyway !