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  1. netoquezada

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    Why that dax frame mount 60 cc is most expensive that other similars? I bought 3 years ago a dax 60 cc almost in 200 dollars, now 234 more or least, a frind have a new 60 cc however he pay 130 dollars, maybe dax engine is CNC machined?

  2. butre

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    you're paying a premium for quality control. the engines are assembled in the USA as well, so you're not buying Chinese sweatshop labor. dax engines are some of the best China girls you can get.

    when you buy a cheaper engine there's no guarantee you won't get junk. more expensive brands like dax throw away or remachine parts that are out of spec so you're more likely to get a really good engine
  3. Greg58

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    The Dax engines are balanced better according to a lot of people that have them, the newer engines also have a 40mm stroke so they are 69cc displacement.
  4. netoquezada

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    Yes I know that Colorado Guys are very good! My engine still working in perfect shape since 4 years without any trouble, however my doubt is the piston and cilynder block are machined with CNC ? or Duane is working all day long with a vernier , measuring crappy chinesse engines?
  5. Slogger

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    I just bought (it's on the way) a 50cc from them. After pricing them on ebay and whatnot, I found them to be pretty reasonable. The 50s I saw generally ran 150 to 170, then there's the shipping charges. The Dax was about 30/40 bucks more, plus shipping.
    The guys there make sure the castings, studs and build are all good. This peace of mind was worth the extra money to me.
    I also requested a 48 tooth sprocket (for my 29" bike) and they substituted it into the kit (no charge) saving me a few bucks there.
    I won't receive the engine til Tuesday, but I'm not worried that it won't start or has anything serious wrong with it.
    Duane told me the crank was balanced and all the bearings are the good stuff.
    I doubt they are manufacturing parts, but they do select the good and reject the poorly made stuff so you get as good a popper as possible. Worth a few dollars more, no?