That didn't go so well for me, BUT my son...

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  1. I have been working so much that my motorized bike project got semi shelved. My 16 Y.O. son pleaded and begged for the clutch for a project he was doing, then asked for the gears, bearings etc. I finally gave in and let him have whatever he wanted. He took a kids 10" pneumatic tire scooter, chopped the back off and welded on an extended rear, modified the front forks and put on 12" wheels and beefed up brakes, a 2 H.P. old school Briggs and built a very nice motorized scooter. :bowdown: I'm glad he did this other wise the parts would still be sitting there. I think I am just going to get a bolt on kit for now for myself. :likelots:

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    Your boy's got skills!

    Maybe he can help you install your engine kit, and put some finishing touches on it.

    More like a father/son project.:idea:
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    Post a picture. It sounds interesting.
  4. I took some welding at the local Community college and have a small MIG welder so I taught him. I think there may be TWO engine kits under the Christmas tree this year! I'll have to look for a photo of his scooter!
  5. I managed to find a photo of my son's scooter with him posing! Enjoy! This was the first version. He discovered a few design flaws mainly in the front fork and a weak area in the frame. These have been beefed up and a center stand added.

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    Good job!

    How fast does it go?
  7. Guess it goes about 25MPH or so?
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    Ok, cool.:cool:
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    I'm impressed with that scooter, and even more impressed that he's wearing a helmet to protect his brains! He did a great job.