That tears it! I'm going electric!!!



Had the wife drive me over to work today to pick up the urban guerilla. Filled it up with fuel and was going to ride it home, and surprise, surprise.... NO START!!

I've had enough of this mucking about, whether it's me or the bike, I'm going electric.

I don't care about 45kph+, I just want reliabilty.

I'm off to see how the 'other half' live.......
:cool:Don't give up yet. give yourself at least a week to think things through. you probably have quite a bit of $$ invested in the engine/drivetrain. to convert to reliable electrics could cost up to $1K + time and energy.
describe your engine setup, please.
GEBE has just gotten big shipments of the 25's and 33 cc engines, out of the box reliability, and ships quite a few to Australia and Oceana.

There are enough GEBE'rs on board to get you rolling on the very first attempt, and this new Tanaka 33 is pretty impressive, it really does start on the first pull every time...
Keep working with the ic motor. The other half are charging their batteries half the time.

Or, get both kinds of bikes, smokers and electrics.
Same thing happened to me. I got home after a really long ride from a friends house 3 cities away, and after turning the bike off, it hasn't started since.
:confused:my electric cruiser ran 40kph tops, but it weighed 140lbs and cost over $1K to build. it had a 50+ mile range, but the batteries weighed 80lbs.
if you go electric, the bike's weight will balloon, even if it runs 24kph.
worst-case scenario, if you blew up your gas engine, you're still out less than $200.
you guys need to post in the help forum, not the GD - I'm sure there are people who can help you there!

I had more days not riding than riding in the beginning, but once you figure the problems out you not only have the reward of riding the bike, but you feel the sense of accomplishment having overcome the problems!
These engines require some knowledge of engine operation, tuning, and basic maintenance.

With that said, many including myself, have had near perfect reliability.

If you aren't mechanically inclined, you may discover that the electrics have their problems too (see threads about torque arm fabrication).

Good luck.

PS I'll buy your engine for $50.00 plus shipping.
if you are going to sell Chopper
I'll have a look at the engine and make an offer if you like

weathers gettin better, ya might wanna go 2stroke :p:)
my bike(engine) has been very reliable(touch wood)

is it a ZBOX chinese job?

I may be able to fix it 4 ya

have it running reliably and putting like a harley