thats dax good or bad

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  1. scribbles

    scribbles Member

    Is thats dax engine kit good and is it better in a 49cc or 70cc...

  2. jared3377

    jared3377 Member

    I'm not sure if my kit came from dax (I didn't build it), but I do know that a lot of folks on this site trust dax. Also, I have ordered a magneto from dax, and have had no problems whatsoever--good delivery time, good customer service.

    Basically, I feel that any vendor who has an advertisement on this site can be trusted (not to say that those who AREN'T cannot be).
  3. KiDD

    KiDD Member

    I'm happy with my DAX 70cc
  4. Alan

    Alan Member

    He's one of the best. No problems so far.
  5. DAX rules. I know Duane!
  6. Butch

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    Jared, you do have a dax motor. (Just in case you need any motor parts.)

  7. bluegoatwoods

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    I've bought two 50 ccs from him and I'm happy with both and he showed every indication of being a true spirit.

    The 50s have all the power that I need.
  8. gauge

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    well i havent been on here in a while !!!!!! i had a dax 70 and it was the best 186 miles of my life lol then she blew a hole on the side of the piston dax sent m another motor and it was a 65 i wasnt going to argue the diffrence so i drove that for 100 miles and took it back it just wasnt the same as my 70 , and dwanye was in a *****y mood the day o called him lol
  9. scribbles

    scribbles Member

    im sold on dax

    I think i am sold on Dax i have heard pretty good reviews.... 70cc will be mine if any one has any other opinions i would like to hear them... :grin:

    also here is a picture of the bike receiving the HAPPY TIME... and Me
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  10. Snax

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    Nice. Where'd you get the hat with the basket ball hoop on it?? ;)

    And yeah, happy with my Dax 50cc.
  11. scribbles

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    Thats my basketball hat it improves my game by 50% and adds 30hp to any vehicle i drive you should make one There a blast... :grin:
  12. quay1962

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    No comment lol