That's it! I'm done! HT's are junk :-)

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    Well it looks like the first engine I bought has blown up. After only 1500 hundred miles of pure fun. This was a Bikeberry engine and if I remember right I paid about 150 for it in 09. This engine didn't have an easy life, not that I ride fast but rather slow, allot of hill climbing and many miles off road. Being long and low made the off road trips very rough but I pushed it to see what these little engines could do.
    It had developed a "knock" last Summer but only at higher revs so I just putted with it around town but yesterday it made a new sound and slowly lost power, slowed and locked up just as I stopped. I had to use those things you put your feet on to get it home :annoyed:
    After pulling it backward, it turned over and ran for about 50 feet and did the same thing.
    Oh well, maybe I'll just ride one of the other bikes while I wait on a new engine...... :grin5:

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  2. Fabian

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    A good part of the problem with Happy Time engines is the incorrect ignition curve of the standard CDI and lean jetting of the standard carburettor.

    I am now on my 8th engine in 2 years and all previous 5 engines failed from large end connecting rod failure, largely due to detonation caused by incorrect ignition timing and jetting with the standard kit; previous 5 engines each failing at almost exactly 700 kilometers.

    Having installed the Jaguar CDI and fixed jetting issues, my current Happy Time engine is 8,000 kilometers old with only a set of replacement piston rings at 4,000 kilometers.

    Not bad for a cheap as dirt engine, although i don't rev past 4,500 in normal use.
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  3. BAM

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    Ive got almost 4000 miles on mine beat to death bought it 2008 still going! I better find some wood to knock on. I do try not to over rev it though want a new kit for anouther bike but dont like the new carbs good luck!
  4. Lunardog

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    1500 miles for $150, I get 10cents a mile outta that plus the fun ya had doin it. Even at the low miles in my book its a win
  5. motorpsycho

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    of corse they're junk...they're made from recycled pop cans and coat hangers.
    they aren't made to last, and that's why they're so cheap.
    they are throw away engines, and are made just to have fun with.
    If you push them too hard or too far, they will fail eventually.
    just like everything else, they wear out...but the h.t. engines wear out sooner because of the low quality materials used to make them.
    In my opinion, if you plan on a h.t. powered bike being your sole means of transportation, and you expect it to be're better off walking.
  6. Fabian

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    That's a "partially" true statement motorpsycho.

    The Happy Time engines as a power unit are surprisingly reliable once the ignition and jetting are optimised which is a quick fix.
    When a 2-stroke engine is forced to endure a 4-stroke ignition curve; hammering out the bearings, longevity will be sacrificed.
    When a 2-stroke engine is forced to endure lean jetting; with detonation being part of it's everyday life, longevity will be sacrificed.
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    i dont know what that means fabian but i got a 49cc ht i got over 3000 mile on it and still running good it calls for like 6 ounces of oil i put in 7 never had to replace a plug either and got it from boy go fast....
  8. 2stroker

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    Bummer. Only 1500 miles thats it. I have 4,000miles on my bumblebeebolton and i haven't done anything but replace a worn down drive wheel. how much is a new ht engine? I guess you get what you pay for.


    Thanks for the input guys!
    Like I said, this being my first engine I didn't treat it right for a good part of it's life and I think it did very well.
    I would like to know more about the Jaguar cdi. If you could Fabian, let me know where I can find one.
    I just have to ask......2stroker....Do you have stock in that company??
    Seems like every post has....Well MY Bumblebeebolton......... :rolleyes7:
    I understand you like it and that's great but for me it's all about the look and function.
    I just don't like the engine up high, behind me. I like it in the frame, it just looks right. Heck, I would love to do a 4-stroke but even they look like an old lawn mower engine stuck on a bike, not a "Motor Bike". The second thing, friction drive will not work for me. Hills, trails, creeks, mud......not that my antiques go off road much but I do take them to the 4 wheel club and ride them from our camp to the club house. That's about 3/4 mile of dirt (spell that mud) road. Come on up to the mountains of Pa. and give it a try. You'll find that friction drive isn't for everyone.
  10. geebt48cc

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    Yeah, it's called CHINA!!!!!!~ We'll, great idea, but uno, just not quite there . ****, great fun, but really just really not something that you can always have faith in...............:(

  11. 2stroker

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    Lol..No I have just had alot of fun on my bike. I always hear people having problems with there kits and i never have any so i just think that its funny cause everytime i talk about my kit everyone says what you did. Im just telling the truth. Facts. Details, Information Thats all. I just came back from eidson, tenn and it did fine. I was on clinch mountain. Going up steep hills does require a little bit of pedaling but i dont mind. It gets me almost all the way up the hills. I personallly like pedaling a little bit. Gotta get some kinda exercise. But you are right friction kits are not for everyone. Some people like working on there bikes every few seriously though they are not for everyone. Sometimes you do have to pedal. But I like friciton better because they are more reliable. Thats my big thing. I like riding even if i have to pedal a little (which being in florida i never do). I just got a golden eagle to try out ( figure i might need it for the hills in tenn.) and it was fun! Im putting it to the test to see if it holds up .Im about to be moving to tenn. So i have feeling i might be talking less about my friction and more about my chain drivin. I met the guy that builds the bumblebee's and he was a real character him and his son build them things outta there home in orangecity,fl. He said they test drive everyone before they send em out. I thought that was pretty cool. Proline20 introduced me to him. But to answer your question no i do not have stocks in bumblebeebolton i just really enjoy riding my bike to work and i haven't had the best experiance on my other kits. They worked good but only for a few hundred miles. I do ride my kits hard. So i had to get something that will hold up and it has. All kits are good. All kits are fun. If you take care of them they will take care of you.


    LOL!! glad you took that well....After I posted that I thought "I hope he knows I'm just joking"
    I wish everyone could have a motor like your's, truth is, I like building and riding my bikes but HATE working on them. I found out quick if you build them and treat them right you won't have to work on them every day.
    The only thing I have ever done to this bike is adjust the chain and that was done stretching in the first few rides and put in fuel. I honestly hadn't done any work on that bike from the day I built it. It even had the original tires and spark plug! The back was getting a little thin though.
    I have been thinking about a GEBE kit with the big ring on the wheel and belt drive but putting the engine in the frame. Gotta look into that more as the kit is to much $$$ to get just to experiment with.
    We do have one thing in common! We have both ridden in Tenn!
    My wife was born and raised near Bristol and all her family is still there. On our visits I always try to take a bike to play with. Some REAL nice riding in those mountains!
    edit......I almost forgot. What's this "pedal" thing? Like when you make the foot rests go around? Heck I only do that to start it and only if I'm not on a hill!! LOL.....
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  13. geebt48cc

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    So, Total?

    Can I ask your mix? Uno, miles + ratio????????

  14. Goat Herder

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    I beg to differ on this as I have set my engines to run flawlessly with the likes of after market carb's that were bigger than stock and stock . Plus perfectly tuned pipes. Here at my currant higher altitude the carby borders on being too rich out of the box for a old school N.T. carb..

    I got the Jaguar CDI kit used from a fellow member too.

    No amount of magic tuning can make up for a bad engine design,, bearings and machining etc IMHO.. Between I and my cohorts we all had These motors dropping like spent out flies. I run a different make brand origin in frame 2 smoke motor now. No relation to the H.T.

    My first motor had a little better machining to it and used the brass bushing at the connecting rod. It ran a long time. Then we all got the latest said upgraded uber cool connecting rod to piston roller bearing engines and everyone here I know had one fall apart. Another fellow had his lower connecting rod bearing fall apart after we put a nice upgraded after market upper bearing. Then the other usual design problems.

    Fun motors I can say I truly enjoyed them in the beginning but will prolly never use one again. Save I will prolly do one blue printed custom one because there is fall out lying around here.. They don't prove equitable to my own time and fancy other than hobby entertainment.

    Running something way more durable now. In the long run so far over the last three years has actually proven to pay for itself very well.
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    ROTFLMAO!!! The mountains are beautiful. I just bought 110 acres on clinch mountain!