Thatsdax fuzzy math?

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    You can buy a Magnum motor for $279, + $20 ship, a VR1 belt drive tranny for $129 + $20 ship[?]. If you buy both it costs $299 +$22 shipped. I'll let you do the math here and form your own conclusions...........I believe a vendor has a right to charge whatever they want but I don't have to pay it. This isn't meant to disparage Dax in anyway. He gives good service/warranty and answers the phone. Just about the math, it's almost comical.

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    Thatsdax is pretty good really. somehow the pin bearings on my thatsdax engine in the lower half went out and Duane went out of his way to get my new engine done and shipped by monday.
    Sometimes weird things happen and when they do, Duane at does everything he can to keep us on the road.
    in my opinion, that's where to go
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