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    I'm a first time motorized bicycle hobbiest (except for a moped I had about 30 years ago in college).

    I started looking around this website a few weeks ago, checked out the vendor reviews, and ordered the F50 kit from Duane at The kit showed up very quickly with no issues and everything included as suggested on the website.

    Everything went together quite well on a mid-90's Schwinn Clear Creek bike that I had laying about and within a day or two I have everything running. I'm still struggling a bit with the throttle cable and carb settings, but I've been riding about already with everything working quite well. There's no doubt in my mind that the settings are my issue and not the kit - just not quite sure how that part all works - in particular the screw in the carb for setting the mixture and how this interacts with the idle speed lever and throttle.

    Duane helped me past the clutch adjustments with a hint or two by phone and putting this together was a world of fun. Quick reward for the effort as well as I had it on the road so quickly.

    I guess next up is to ride it a bit more once the rain stops, then check all the bolts to see what has wiggled loose.

    All in all a great experience with and a fun project for a first timer. The crash course on this forum was very helpful as well.

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    We're glad you found us. And the author of that crash course (Sparky? Srdavo? Graucho, maybe?) will likely be gratified to learn that it helped you.

    I bought my 49cc kits from dax and I haven't been sorry at all. He's a good guy with a good product. When I buy more I might go with one of the other vendors here. The ones with good reputations, anyway. Simply because they probably deserve my business as well. But I might stick with Duane, too, because I already feel some gratitude to him.

    We'll be happy to hear anything about your bike, rides, riding conditions you can think to post. We can't get enough of it.