Thatsdax Titan XC 50cc

Discussion in 'Rack Mounted Engines' started by Scottm, May 6, 2008.

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  1. Scottm

    Scottm Guest

    Well here I am to brag about my Titan engine. I never saw myself posting in the rack mount fourm and sadly rarely visited here since I was hooked on my Happy Times Frame Mounts.
    For starters I can ride with confidence with the Titan behind me. The chain drive, the rack system and the quality motor are so simplistic yet sturdy and so far reliable. The most time consuming part of the install was attaching the rear sprocket and it's 9 bolts. The rack just clamps on the chainstays and the motor just bolts to the rack. No drilling or modifications to the bike.

    Earlier I gained some slack in the chain and all I had to do was raise the plate 1/5th of an inch and it snugged it right up. Loosen 2 nuts and tighten 2 others. I will post pictures.

    I have tried moving the motor back just within it's slots on the mounting plate, but Duane has advised me that I should drill some mounting holes closer to the front of the plate so I can move the entire kit back a few inches. I believe he intends to make extra holes for future kits (the one's he working on now). The install pictures/instructions on are most helpful. When I did slide the engine back on the plate, it was okay for the primary chain going from the PTO to the jackshaft to be at an angle. At one point I had it too tight and could hear squeaking in the PTO bearings area. A fraction of an inch forward allowed for a tiny bit of slack and the squeak was gone.:smile:
    All the adjustments on this kit are so simple. I think if I had the kit on a bigger bike with longer rear chain stays I would have no clearance issues like Large's Cronus He's got a lot of room. BUT this motor and drive train are so smooth, I can
    lean back against the air cleaner while riding and not get any vibration.

    It is nice just being able to gas-n-go rather than mess with the premix. I don't keep records to show mileage yet and I always top off the tank when I'd done riding.

    This bike wants to go. It's strange not having to pedal. It's hard to control myself during break in since this thing can quickly get me to 30MPH and it's fun to show off.
    Anyhow, I'll stop for now. Ask any questions and I'll do my best to answer them or get Duane to. It's cool to be on the forefront of something new like this. This is a hobby for me. I'm a single father of two young girls so I have to use my car. I believe if I had to, I could use this steup dependably.

    The computer in my car say my avg MPH is 19.8 even though the speed limits are 45 MPH in my area. I live 7 miles from work but have 17 stop lights which i usually have to sit through several cycles due to traffic. The Computer on my bike says my average speed is 23 MPH:cool:
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  2. Scottm

    Scottm Guest

    Here are some close ups of various features. You can see the jackshaftraised up fom the t-post to tighten the chain.

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  3. fetor56

    fetor56 Guest

    Have u thought about enclosing that chain for the jackshaft or doesn't it bother you?
  4. I just changed the oil on mine today. It has by now about 250 miles.
    I tell ya. I'm so glad I can start posting here. Rack mount compared to frame mount is like comparing apples to oranges.
    To chime in,if I can describe on one word what this kit is all about I would say that word is smooth.
    I'll let you all know if I run into some problems. So far,one loose chain incident,fixed in under a minute,hasn't loosened up since.
    Tomorrow is another 52 miler. No sweat.
  5. I actually like it exposed. People be really checking it out. I know I've been crazy getting all excited about this kit but this carrier is really a work of art.
  6. Scottm

    Scottm Guest

    I have thought about it. If it did snap and fly off I suppose it could hit my right arm. If I had long hair or a back pack with excess straps, I would be concerned. It would be easy to use some sheet metal and some metal strapping. The problem is, stuff I make looks like I made it:p.
    Honestly I think I'd rather have it fly off if it ever happened. Keeping it confined might cause it to bind the two sprockets thus damaging the steup and send me skidding.
    I've been working in a metal shop for 13 years and my 12 ton punch press wheel has no safety shield. I've only managed to rub my shoulder against it a few times, so I have a great deal of respect for machienes that have no remorse or respect for life and limb.
  7. It's raining hard today.
    All day.
    I have my raincoat.
    And Cronus.
    Today will rule.
    Sticking it to the man.
  8. thatsdax

    thatsdax Guest

    My Titan...

    Well..I am getting close to 2,000 miles now on my Titan. I have replaced my clutch pack once at around 700 miles. And.I am not sure I would have had to do that, except I was out mountain climbing running a 36T. Abuse..I know..But clutch packs are inexpensive and not hard to swap in. I will not do any more mountain climbing with a 36T. A 50T would be fine. But..It is the first Titan and I needed to know how long such abuse could last on a clutch. Now I know. Just stick with the 44T that comes with the kit and a longer life is the rule. Other than that..Nothing.. Not even an oil change. It may need one soon. I am still running the same Drive Chains. Unlike other kits that run belts. Ok for a Harley which uses a huge Cog Belt. But for the bikes, they are too tiny and only last 400-500 miles and are expensive and hard to replace. Gosh..I run 50 miles in a day..Easy..So..10 days is all I would get from a belt? Better Carry extra belts..Yikes !!! Stick to chain. Chains are smooth, inexpensive, smaller, and last a lot longer , and easier to size for different bikes and sprockets. On one of my Harleys, a pebble got up on to my belt and then was clocked into the belt. No kidding. On another Harley of mine, the belt would chirp on decells. Nothing crayons would not fix. Every few days I would sprinkle some crushed crayons onto the belt. That wax is good dry lube. Harley used to sell some spray wax to make the belts quiet. The Harley I ride all the time now is a Chain Bath version. The all have pros and cons. But for our bikes, Chains rule... And when it comes to Bicycle Engine Kits, Titan Rules !!! There is nothing better at any price.. Enjoy the ride....
  9. Heck. I'm running a BICYCLE chain with no problems.
    It's also nice to know if and when my chain breaks I can repair it with a few links in my tool pouch and a chain breaker from Wal Mart.
  10. Zev0

    Zev0 Member

    Sorry to jump in here guys, but Dax what you are implying here comes very close to vendor bashing. We don't want to get to that point. I respect you and your business and I would expect you to respect the other business that deals with belts. Please ease up a bit. Thank You.
  11. sawman

    sawman Guest

    Thank You!...i just sold my first gebe redmax bike motor with over 5K on the belt. still looks like new.
  12. thatsdax

    thatsdax Guest

    Vendor Bashing?

    What Vendors did I mention? And Which ones were bashed? or nearly bashed? lol. I simply stated what I know and document. It is great that you have 5,000 miles on your belt. I have more than that on one of mine. But I have had belts get damaged and go even sooner. Personal experience. When it comes to performance, you can not beat a chain. Period. If this fact is bashing, then tough. But it is a fact. You do not have to look far to see or learn this fact. Drag bikes, GP bikes, Super bikes, ect ect ect. They all use Chain Drive. Not belts for final drive. Ask the racers why that is.. Not me. So.. I guess the racers are Bashing too. Yikes !!!
  13. fetor56

    fetor56 Guest

    There's NO absolutes in this world so everything is a your homework & choose what u think with it. :)
  14. SirJakesus

    SirJakesus Guest

    I think gear and driveshaft is far superior to both chain and belt as far as maintenance and durability. But cost and complexity would make it very difficult to put on a bike.
  15. thatsdax

    thatsdax Guest

    I agree Sir

    True.. I like them also. My V65 Sabre, K75, and Turbo Seca run Shaft. They do take a lot of HP away from the rear wheel. But they are super low maint and very clean. The thing I hate about chains is the mess. You lube them and then the lube is all over the wheel. I have solved this problem by using Chain wax. It is sticky and does not sling all over the place. Good Stuff indeed. A shaft is not a good idea for small HP engine because of the HP loss due to centripetal forces intrinsic to shaft drive. Also not good for racing also because of HP loss. Racers use all the HP they can get to the rear wheel. But.. For Street applications, Shaft is very good. I love my shafties !!! Clean and mean. But..Not on my Bike.. I love Chain on my Bike !! Enjoy the ride..
  16. Update on my Titan:
    My throttle cable let go thanks to my overenthusiastic daughter at the throttle so I salvaged the clutch cable nut from MOOP and gave MOOP an electrical ground nut that works great.
    That's about it.
    Twice this week I had to pick up some special order meds for my Host Home guy so that's another 112 miles added to my 300 or so miles then another 50 miles from the other two days...I can safety say I'm at or near the 500 mile mark.
    Oh the bike actually had some minor issues. My rear fender screw that attaches the fender by the kick stand let go so the ride today was met with some rattling. I fixed it on the side of the road with a Zip Tie,then later I just used a piece of twine wire whatever you call it and pliered it tight. Then I noticed that my springer nut where it pivots is missing. I replaced that.
    I think my engine is about broken in,for my ride up today I still had a 1/4 tank,more than in my video.
    And I'm also thinking it's time to baby my engine with that MOBLE 1 six dollar a quart synthetic. It's good for like 5 or so oil changes that one quart anyway. I mean this engine takes very little oil.
    I took off the gear box too just to have a look see. Everything looks great.
    I actually can't wait to go back to Duane's house for those springs.
    Just waiting for gas money to get here (it's a 45 minute drive).
    I would totally ride up and save some serious cash but I have my host home client.
    I wished I had a side project!
    I'm seriously thinking about buying another Titan. Maybe down the road when I get some money again. And a Happy Time for a bike build to sell.
    I want to build and sell bikes locally now so I can have some money in my pockets.
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  17. SirJakesus

    SirJakesus Guest

    What about getting a nice enclosed bicycle trailer large? Some of them could definitely seat an adult comfortably and give you some nice cargo room. Only downside is that you'd have to install a larger wheel sprocket for more torque and towing capacity OR pedal some more to take some strain off that poor lil titan. You could use a long length of that high temp rubber tubing connected with a pipe clamp to the muffler and all the way to the back of the trailer with some heavy duty zip-ties to spare your passenger the exhaust fumes and noise. Now that would be bad arse.
  18. But what would people think I have a developmentally disabled man in a bike trailer lol!!

    I just had a revelation. This is a mod,yo.

    A Titan MOD!

    View attachment 6719

    Take a good look at Scott's pic. Notice how the top gear is held on by a c clip.
    Now,let's say you get a 12 tooth sprocket on there. On Scotts bike,you can keep that 44t 24 inch rim and get speed and can climb hills when you switch back to the 10 tooth.
    Now in your tool pouch,have the 12 tooth with the right sized chain pre cut.
    You can switch this out on the side of the road. Remove the c clip with c clip pliers you can find everywhere,swap out the 10 to the 12. Adding a link to a chain adds two places for your sprocket teeth if you will. The 12 with the added link chain should fit right up with no chain adjusting.
    For added coolness clip the spare chain ring to your keys! Then when you swap out your gears,switch the chain!

    Duane,What do you think? Is this possible? Would a 12 tooth have to be made,or is this readily available?
    Would a 12 add a great deal of difference?

    On Cronus I may do the 48 tooth switch to the rear,then add the 12 tooth to get the same gearing I think. Then with the 10 I get better speeds up the big hills. Or keep the 44 and when I switch to the 12 I get more speed!
    Imagine a 12 to a 36 tooth.....woah.
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  19. fetor56

    fetor56 Guest

    It sounds workable,giving your system more versatility.
    I just can't remember seeing a 12 tooth sprocket out there....doesn't mean one doesn't exist though,or can't be made.
  20. If a 12 is too much maybe an 11 with a half link.