the 20 mile tear down and rebuild,...

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    after 20 miles or so i had to tear down my jackshaft and rebuild it with a few different components. gone are the 30 tooth freewheeling sproket on the engine side, (way too much runout, wobble, ect.) in place is a heavy duty solid 30 tooth sproket made for #41 chain,.. and some real actual american made #41 chain (not the chinese stuff it wouldnt go on a #41 sproket) on the pedal side i had some spacing issues that were solved with the addition of a washer,... replaced the drive chain for the rear wheel with 410 chain (much better!) i can also pedal start now (was pull start only)

    the result is a much better, smoother, quieter running bike,.. that is an absolute joy to ride,.. much better power transfer to the jackshaft from the engine (i had some chain tension/slack problems)

    i added a 6 volt headlight (powered off the white wire) ,.. had trouble starting when cold,.. so i put a switch on the light,...:idea:

    i think im done working on it for a while it is time to ride:helmet: