The 2015 Choppercabras Wacky Ride

Discussion in 'Video Gallery' started by slickdude, Feb 28, 2016.

  1. slickdude

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    In Lake Balboa put on by Atomic Cycles, I recorded the event. Lotsa fun, my favorite competition were the big bike "Ghetto Blasters" these guys are zany, whacy and always fun. Free food and drinks (non-alcoholic) for those who want something else, erhmmm, people often visit the bar next door :cool: (just be aware that drunk cycling is erhmm, against the law and quite ticketable)

    Anyhow, after the whacky contests comes the big ride. This group about 60 people but in past events there have been hundreds. Anyhow kickback in widescreen enjoy.


  2. HouseOfEl

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    Where was this?
  3. slickdude

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    Atomic Cycles Lake Balboa at Saticoy and Louise streets. 2015 was the last year they were doing this, a shame really. We had tons of fun. Great way to meet others ;)
  4. HouseOfEl

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    I have no idea where that is, lol. I was hoping PA but since it was the last year anyway... sad face.
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