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    Ok Hello

    there we go, hows that....I know FAIL!!!

    well i been into bike'n fer a bit...ridden a trek 5400 fer the last 2 years and put about 3000 miles on......ok i like going long distance...long rides and at night

    head out at about 8pm and get home at around 3 am-4am.....riding long distance during the day in the not good

    well anyhow we found these 42 now...I wanna relax a bit more..and still o long distance...but 30 miles...the pain ..the pain

    not very angry is it .....YET!!

    anyhow we find these engines(80cc ones...or is it 67cc..depends who u beleive) freind johnny is right into it...ordered 10 engines....has them 2 from the us and 8 engines from canada...he has 10 bikes ordered also..and people are buying them....Angry getting on the 21 of may order an engine from kingsmotors.....dididi stil waiting...i have emailed the place to get a tracking #...i feel like the guy is giving me a run around....slow email replies and lack of johnny ordered his engines on about the 25th..hes got em all...I order 1 engine and im sitting here waiting...hes got 2 bikes built and i just wanna go riding..:(

    so I didnt wanna wreck my I bought a West Coast Chopper..i think is like a Walmart ripoff of a OCC...but fer 80$ it works..and is in good shape

    I got the New Nighthawk Light set...4.5 hour running time and 30watts of light..Works..but i here i wait. fer the **** engine....I just wanna have fun..:(

    so any advice or has anyone else had ****ty dealings with these guys


    I KNOW I FAIL and im ANGRY :)

    Cheers yall


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    I've got nothing to offer on the waiting subject. It's a bummer. Good luck. I imagine it'll show up. Maybe it's on back-order and the guy just isn't making that clear.

    But I also ride late at night, unmotorized. You are absolutely right about the Sun. Yellow safety vest, nothing underneath helps a lot when it's hot out.

    I love my motor assisted bike. It's very fun and very practical. But it does too much of the work for me. So I also keep a pedal bike handy. It sounds like you've got a similar attitude. So keep an unmotorized bike available too.
  3. Kings

    I had a miserable experience with them toooooo.... Kit arrived damaged & They sent me a new gas tank. Problem was the intake was damaged tooooo. Didn't find that out until I got the bike built. One thing after another until I got so frustrated that I tossed the whole P O S .. Except one part, the left hand cover/chainguard. I had it chrome plated & still use it on one of my bikes - Zena. It makes a fine chainguard.

    Those HT kits S U C K! ! I read about all the troubles on this site & just shake my head in dis-approval. I know a lot of folks here use them & even some have good luck with them but I got a lemon & every piece that I took apart was of such poor quality that I will not use them at all. No matter who supplies them.

    I think they are now illeagal to import into the US anyways. GOOD ridance. Do yourself a favor & look at the Japanese motors. Honda - Robin - Subaru Tanaka - Mitsubishi. You will thank me later. Check out some rack mounted Jap motors, or look at some of my frame mounted customs in the picture album sections.
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    Well now after getting there phone # and engine was never sent...some mix up when they ran out-o-stock and there new arrivals....they were nice and all...were gonna throw in some extra parts...and not increase the cost of the shipping.....but friend has 10 engines sitting in his basement....ill take one of those and only pay 180 instead of 250(includes shipping) and save some cash....

    Cheers All

    sooner or later so help me..i will be cruising!!!! weeeeeeeeeeee



    PS.. The Freind with the Engines is starting a company selling the engines and all u canadians(alberta)......ill be posting a note on here to direct u all to his fine site....
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