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  1. sparky

    sparky Active Member

    Right now I'm sippin' on some "Reb Ale" (after the Ole Miss Rebels), crafted by Lazy Magnolia Brewing Co. The label describes itself as "a crisp & clean, deep south, wheat pale ale".

    Lazy Magnolia makes quite a few great brews, and they're a fairly new company. My favorite that they make is "Southern Gold" (after the University of Southern Mississippi), tho "Blue Heron", "Par 3", and "Southern Pecan" are all pretty amazing to me.

    Favorite beer of all time is Sierra Nevada "Wheat". Their "Pale Ale" is also great, but the Wheat is quite orgasmic.

    Only imports I seem to enjoy are Red Stripe and Bohemia. Dos Equis Amber if I must. Both Bohemia and Does Equis Amber taste different to me at different times, tho... like it's different Mexican water or something!

    Anyway... what're the really good brewskis you guys have found?

  2. give me vtec

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    oops... comment edited.

    Didn't see this one wasn't in the CC.
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  3. sparky

    sparky Active Member

    HAH! Pretty cute.

    I drink one or two beers nearly every day of my life. Once or twice a week, I'll drink 5-8 beers.

    Dunno what I'd do without it.

    Does 1 or 2 beers every day make me an alcoholic? :whistling:
  4. SimpleSimon

    SimpleSimon Active Member

    What makes you an alcoholic is the "Dunno what I'd do without it."

    That's called dependency.

    I know this is sacrilege in this crowd, but to me, beer is swill. Unfit for human consumption.
  5. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    I think beer is pretty tasty... definitely fit for human consumption.

    What do you accept as "fit for human consumption"
  6. sparky

    sparky Active Member

    But it just tastes sooo good. I dunno what I'd do without females, money, the Internet, MBs, and all kindsa tools... so I've gotta lotta addiction to overcome.


    You ever tried Abita Amber? I don't know anybody who doesn't like that, AND it's from your home state. I dare you to try the orgasmic Sierra Nevada Wheat and tell me you wouldn't want to drink one or two of those every day.

  7. SimpleSimon

    SimpleSimon Active Member

    My son bought a 6 pack of the SN Wheat last week, insisted I try it. So I poured a small glass.

    Swill - not quite as bad as most swill, but swill nonetheless.

    Vtex, I like whiskey. I like it well enough that I don't buy it.
  8. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    :helmet: understood...
  9. graucho

    graucho Active Member

    Yes we have a few. "HomeBrew" all the way.
    As far as the beer goes, I had to make a signature beer that I just love. And then make sure nobody else does.
    That way there's always a cold one on hand.

    Years ago when we started we made a light beer that EVERYONE loved. There was constantly someone
    pounding on the door to visit. LOL. When there was beer they were there. When the beers gone they
    wouldn't show up. Humm, We fixed that. :devilish:

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  10. biketec

    biketec Member

    I would have to say I like the darker stuff I would say my favorite DARK is Sierra Nevada Big foot barley wine that **** will put hair on your chest, For just a good kind beer I love and have been hooked on lately is the pyramid thunder head IPA its bursting with hops, but my daily always on hand I go with PBR, old Milwaukee, olympia, Schlitz "animal beer" , Haams, but I would always prefer the choice micro kind beers we have tones in this hippy ski collage town.
  11. Zev0

    Zev0 Member

    10 reasons why beer is good for your health

    Everyone is looking for a reason to drink beer. Right? It turns out that a lot of people are. So here are 10 great reasons to drink more beer. Not only that, but they're all true. Beer really is good for your health, so drink up!

    1. Beer Reduces Stress

    Alcohol in general has been shown to reduce stress. This one is obvious, and may be the best reason beer is good for your health.

    2. Beer is Good for the Heart

    A study was conducted from 1982 - 1996 on the elderly. It was found that those who drank at least 1.5 per day had a 20-50 percent less chance of having heart failure.

    3. Beer Improves Blood Circulation

    Beer increases your "good" cholesterol, or HDL (high-density lipoprotein) cholesterol. Its basically a kind of blood fat, so it reduces blood's tendency to clot.

    4. Beer is Chock Full o' Fiber

    The fiber comes from the cell walls of the malted barley. A liter of beer can have as much as 60% of your daily recommended fiber. The extra fiber will keep you regular and can also lower the risk of heart disease.

    5. Beer as a Multi-vitamin

    Beer is a significant source of magnesium, selenium, potassium, phosphorus, biotin, folate, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12

    6. Beer can Prevent Strokes

    A study published in Stroke magazine in 2001 showed that alcohol drinkers have fewer strokes. Because it thins the blood, it increases the circulation in the brain, thereby protecting from silent strokes which are cause by tiny blood clots.

    7. Beer keeps your Brain Young

    A large study, published in the December 2001 issue of Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research, was conducted on elderly italian men and women. It showed that moderate drinkers had a 40% lower risk of mental impairment.

    8. Beer is Good for your Liver

    Alcohol expands the small blood vessels in the liver. This speeds up metabolism so it can help clean all the toxins out of the liver. This is from Beer Net Publication, April 2001 Biological Institute.

    9. Beer Cures Insomnia

    Lactoflavin and nicotinic acid, both present in beer, can promote sleep. Also hops are a natural sedative.

    10. Beer Fends off Gallstones

    According to Professor Oliver James at the University of Newcastle, beer protects against gallstones and kidney stones.


    RealBeer's "Good news, and bad" on Beer Health
    AllAboutBeer's "Beer and your Health"
    Essortments's "Health benefits of beer?"
    Drayman's "13 Reasons to Drink Beer"
  12. RdKryton

    RdKryton Active Member

    Yuengling Lager

    I am rather fond of Yuengling Lager. You know, that great Chinese beer. lol j/k. I like a nice cold one with a tall glass of Glenlivet Scotch. Just ask the people at last years Delaware Rally. The evening festivities included some of the aforementioned beverages. I have been told I had a great time. Oh and don't worry. The motorbikes were safely locked away in a WWII bunker for the night.

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  13. sparky

    sparky Active Member

    Now I have twice as many reasons to continue drinking 1 or 2 beers every day!!
  14. machiasmort

    machiasmort Active Member

    Paulaner Hefe-Weizen, to all else there is no comparison! Anybody ever make a knock off?

    Careful w/ that last post Graucho, you'll wind up as a stop when the boy's start runnin cross Country!

    LOL, There ya go. We could be a brew your own/MB board and run speak easy's for X Country travelers! Got to start teaching these guys the secrets!!!
  15. KilroyCD

    KilroyCD Active Member

    Like RdKryton, I like the Yuengling Lager, but Guinness Stout is my "swill" of choice. Ah, it's the nectar of the Gods (especially if you drink it fresh and unpasteurized as I did in England).
    Another of my very favourites is Shepherd Neame's Spitfire Ale, brewed in Faversham, Kent. Yes, you can get it stateside, but it doesn't enjoy wide distribution.

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  16. Turtle Tedd

    Turtle Tedd Member

    Beer and ugly women seem to go together well
  17. machiasmort

    machiasmort Active Member

    That picture is political! LOL!

    Irish stouts are some of the easiest to brew at home! You should give it a try if you havn't yet! If anybody decides to- pm me.
  18. Chris Crew

    Chris Crew Member

    mmmmmm . . . beer . . . .

    I brew my own in various styles I do ales in various shades and concentrations, stouts, porters, a frambois when the mood hits.

    But day in, day out, I'm a Schlitz man. For value and consistency, it can't be beat. And like they say . . .when you're out of Schlitz, you're out of beer!

    (Truth is, I never met a beer I didn't like except for those phony American "hint of lime" sody pops)
  19. sparky

    sparky Active Member

    Budweiser Clamato is prolly as bad as it could possibly get. That is pure fecal matter.

    I always thought it went like... "Schlitz gives the sh1tz." Schlitz reminds me of Colt 45, and I just noticed this billboard for the first time in my life. . .

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  20. Turtle Tedd

    Turtle Tedd Member

    You guys have to admit sparky did start a good one here..reading all this about beer home brewing has got me thinking now..another great hobby...question ;after start-up cost about how much will it cost to brew..say a case of medium grade ..Will be getting my labels printed soon...TURTLE BEER..sounds good