The Best Small Fuel Filter


Dr. J.

This is the best small fuel filter that I have found and tested. It is a Visu 701C fuel filter and it is cheap, about $3.00. It is designed for 1/4 inch fuel line, but it will work on 3/16 inch fuel line. Stretch the fuel line opening with needle nose pliers. This can be done by inserting the pliers in the opening of the fuel line, then expand them.

Dr. J.
Fuel filter

What is wrong with the fuel filter that comes with the bike? I remember the filter that was on there. Also, to get the petcock to face in the right direction I used a O ring from a fuel injector from a late modle ford V8 engine.

See the orange O ring. Worked good. It came so when it was tightened on there it was facing the other way.
The fuel filter in the petcock works, but it doesn't filter small enough particles. You can see with the human eye down to 40 micrometers. Most high quality hydraulic filters can go down to 3 micrometers. In a nutshell, its the particles you can't see you have to trap in the filter. If you like, you can use the one in the petcock along with an inline filter. You won't be able to tell if if the petcock filter is plugged without taking it apart, but you can tell if a transparent filter is plugged easily by visual inspection. If you can find a Visu 701C filter for sale, look at the filtering element and you will see what I mean. It is made of a porus substance opposed to screen material whcih results in better filtering.

Dr. J.

I might try one. How do you know this stuff? Your smart. What do you do for a living?
while I'm not saying he's not smart - these things are the things you pick up after putting the kit together and working out the bugs.

I didn't have a particulate filter on my fuel line and as a result the pin inside the carb was sticking becuase of the little pieces collecting around the sides! supposedly it's also bad for the piston, the small particulate can wear down the edges.