The "BEST" wheels for Motorized bikes

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  1. Flattracker

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    These are "THE BEST" wheels for Motorized bikes

    All spoke problems have been solved, never break another spoke! Driving the rear wheel solved. Sprocket /Chain alignment PERFECTthe first time!

    Almost ZERO chain vibration! No more rubber disks to wear out. Check out whats on my dual suspension 'Rural Assault Vehicle! Take a look.

    Sorry about the crappy pictures. Nothing too special about the bike except its dual suspension.

    I'm overjoyed with the wheels, and my new drive system! I've wore out many bearings, and taco'ed many a rim motorbiking.

    THESE Teny wheels will get you off of your spokes. Get your drive chain off your spokes! Never replace, or adjust another spoke!

    Quit warping rims! After four motored bike builds, and a few trips (130 mile trip on way in eight hours)and wheels later, believe me It'll be hard for any wheelmaker to top these Teny wheels for gasoline powered bicycles.

    Guys, spoked wheels just can not top these bad boys!

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  2. AussieJester

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    Use a decent high end dual walled rim and have it laced heavy gauge spokes
    by someone who knows what they are doing you wont have issues with spoked wheels either :-S They are also lighter than composite rims and offer less wind resistance (to the one you have) Glad they worked for you but they re aren't necessarily the solution for everyone.

  3. Flattracker

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    One Piece Wheels Vastly Superior to Spoked wheels

    I agree. These aluminum/magnesium alloy, one piece wheels may not be for everybody. They are expensive. These wheels are for lazy people like me, that don't like to tighten,adjust,dish,replace,buy, and in general deal with spokes and their hub problems!

    I'd rather spend my time riding. Been there done that with the spoked wheels.

    A $1000 wheel is no better than the $55 generic wheel when it comes to attaching a drive sprocket to them! These little buggers(engines) play H*ll with your wheels, front and back.

    Attaching an engine to your bike will cause accelerated wear in all areas. At the speeds reached with these engines, you've exceded the bikes design parameters, and theres a lot of flex in spoked wheels.

    That affects the bikes handling, and the wheels rubber in contact with the road... i.e. your traction.

    All sorts of things change. Like your center of gravity for instance. You can get yourself into trouble if you are not careful!

    You'll screw up your spokes! I have a wheelmaster HD 26x2.125 laced with 12 gauge spokes in the background against the wall in one of my photos.

    The reason its against the wall and not on the bike is why? Broken spokes. I Bought it brand new from a high end bike shop in Dallas,Tx.

    I specifically told the fellow what I was going to attach to that wheel, and the Wheelmaster 8speed freewheel with 12 gauge spokes is what he sold to me. For about $55.

    After about 200 miles I've got 3 broken spokes and a bent axle. I only weigh 225 pounds!

    The only maintenance on these wheels is replacing the sealed bearings. Just my two cents on the issue.
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    As i said Gald your happy with your mags... but ill stick with my spoked wheels :)

  5. Mountainman

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    if you would
    how much exactly do they cost ??
    went to one of their sites -- was hard for me to find prices ??
    best place to find them ??

  6. Flattracker

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    What Wind Resistance?

    To each his own. If you have not ridden on these mag wheels then you have nothing to compare them to. I own two sets of them. So how can you honestly make that decision? Once you try these wheels, you may decide your spoked wheels suck.

    I am merely stating that a superior method exists for the attaching of a gasoline fueled engine to a bicycle wheel.

    Anyone that cant see the facts of no spoke superiority, over spoked wheel inferiority, must still believe in Santa Clause! Lets not argue facts. Everyone has an opinion, and I dont get involved in others opinions, its yours.

    Addressing the wind resistant issue, there is none. With no spokes, theres much less physical mass available there for the wind to hit. These wheels are RIGID. Ask any Harley rider, or any motorcycle rider where loose spokes, or wheel flex will get you. I'll tell you..... DEAD.

    Without the engine running, theres not enough wind resistance, at least not enough for me to notice any, riding in the 25 to 35 mph gusts that occure here daily,(central texas, Waco area).

    These wheels bearings are so precise, if you put them on your bike, turn it upside down wherever the wheel is heaviest/unbalanced it will roll to the bottom, allowing you to counter balance the weight.

    Weight should'nt be an issue for all the power that you motorized riders have. Its not for me, I dont pedal. These wheels, held one in each hand, with a spoked wheel of the same size, there is very little difference in the weight of the two.

    The difference comes in riding them. Spoked wheels will get you blown across the highway down here, mag wheels offer much LESS wind resistance. Spoked wheels are almost like dragging around a parachute in high wind, compared to these!
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    Wheels cost

    You can find them on ebay. They come in colors. A guy out of Taiwan called 'taibilling'. Go on ebay and search for unique no spoke rims. I've bought two sets from him. He ships fast too. Mine got to Texas from Taiwan in seven days! I paid $165 for one set total shipped to Texas. If you're going to use these on a motorized bike you'll need the "top hat adapter" $42.50 +shipping (also on ebay-search sprocket adapter) for the sprocket. You'll also have to enlarge the sprocket center hole 53mm to 54mm to fit over the wheel hub. Washers will adjust the chain left or right. Do yourself a favor, visit the hardware store and replace the chinese nuts and bolts with good old American grade 8 hardened steel! This is what it looks like installed. See photos.

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  8. AussieJester

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    Best tell all the manufacturers of Motocross bikes they are doing it wrong, guess they still believe in Santa Claus for course mags aren't ALWAYS the better option pal...

    I would be more worried about that thin wall tubing on the bicycle frame getting all that vibration from the stink motor you clamped to it and snapping as your u-beaut mags roll you down the road ...littterally :p ..

  9. Flattracker

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    Who me?

    Nah, we dont worry about that all that silly crashing stuff in America. Thats for sissys. Besids, whats a little road rash every now and then? It'll make a man out of you.

    I'm pretty sure Teny rims are not exploding all of a sudden, throwing innocent hapless victims to their doom anywhere on planet Earth at the moment....So you'll be safe.:thinking:

    Gee, dont sweat the small stuff dude. They're only $165 a set.

    If it ever breaks, they have a lifetime warranty.

    I guess you didn't believe the part about me putting hundreds of miles on the things. Neither set has failed me in four years of hard riding.

    We go with what works, not whats cute. They're not out of your reach!

    Oh yeah, Teny Wheel Co. does recommend that you do not do any dumb stunts on these wheels. So these aren't for kids.
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  10. give me vtec

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    the big a** spoked wheels on my felt cruiser are awesome. I have hit small curbs at speed with them and they still roll straight as they day I bought them.
  11. Flattracker

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    why get mad Assiejester? Dont hate!

    Sorry to offend you dude. I started this thread to show an alternative mounting to the sprocket on the spoke method.

    What this thread is discussing is Teny rims driving motorized bicycles.

    Sorry to hear about your wheelchair dude, but with your personality, and attitude whoever beat you into that chair probably felt that you deserved it.

    Dont come around with all that heroic **** about how you blew up rims, and got crippled for life. Nobody cares about you. Or your wheelchair. You probably got yourself into it by being careless with your mouth. Next thread you'll be talking about how it happened in Nam! LOL!

    Dont take it out on me because you hate your wheelchair wheels. THATS why you like spokes! You hate your wheel chair!

    Read the first post of mine, does it not say for best motorized bikes? Now here you come trying to dis me with all this wack **** about jumping off cliff doing stunts and stuff.

    How the h*ll you doing all that from a wheel chair!? HMMMM??
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    for what it is worth... it is contributions like the op that make this site so good for all of us. Variety is always best... I say good find.
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    Thats not variety....its abusive and it needs to be addressed ASAP by the board Admin.
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    Hey Guys, Shake Hands And Lets Start Over, We Need You Both. I`m 70 And Don`t Get Angry Anymore, Just Feel Sad Sometimes. Have Been Curious About Mag Rims. Am Over 300 Lbs, So Wheels Are A Worry For Me. Later Ron
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    Dang, I was going to jump my bike kit over the house into the swimming pool

    Ok, not really. I have wondered if anybody has built a motorised BMX for jumping though.

    Your Teny wheels look really cool. How is the runout and true on them? (do they wobble?)
    40+ foot gap over spike fence into swimming pool!

    "Oh yeah, Teny Wheel Co. does recommend that you do not do any dumb stunts on these wheels. So these aren't for kids."

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    aussie... you need to calm down and quit with the personal insults before you get banned. I would delete all the negative comments before TOM or another admin sees it...
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    anybody know how to true them?

    the question is when you hit something hard (and you will) how do realign them? There was a urban legend that if you put your Tuff wheels in the freezer
    overnight they would straiten them selves out. I don't think that would work for these wheels.

    I have worked on bikes for close to thirty years and I have seen nothing that matches the strength, lightness and durability of a spoked wheel. The wheels I built for my motor bicycle have the same hub with the six bolt flange so I could mount a kings 36 tooth drive sprocket and I have had good luck so far. I know that my motor produces much more power than I ever did, but I think that I could still get by with these hundred plus year old design contraptions.

    Mike The Bike Guy.:cool2:
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  18. scootdaddy

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    Flattracker , I'm new on here but that ain't cool!!!
  19. happycheapskate

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    I agree that spoked wheels are the best for wheelchairs because they can be adjusted, dished, or trued as needed. The problem is that almost always they are straight laced because of the danger of breaking fingers that miss the hand holds.

    I agree that butted spoked wheels in a conventional cross pattern are the best bike wheels. But I went with heavy straight guage spokes for my motor bicycle, just for simplicity (bought a wheel for 35$ ready to go, instead of having to research odd spoke sizes to get butted heavy spokes in lengths for a 26" wheel. The sprocket hits or torques on the spokes at the crosses anyway, so I don't want a thinner surface there.

    I really like mag wheels, but the fact that most don't have replaceable or trueable components, makes them undesireable to me. I used to have some SPin tri-spoke 26" aero ATB wheels, and I LOVED them. They were true enough to be happy, and very durable (except the freehub body; aluminum!! poo! ) I sold them for about what I paid and went back to conventional wheels, because they were lighter. Wish I had them now though for a cool cruiser bike or 26" bmx!

    The Original Poster seems to be offering or describing a mag wheelset that mates up readily to engine kit sprockets and conventional freewheels. This sounds really nice. I plan to find out more about them, but probably wouldn't purchase for a long time, since i can get spoke wheels for less. Maybe I'll buy someone's pull-off parts later though.
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    Turtle Tedd Member a newbie, ragging on members that have been here a while is not good.............Aussie..quit eating so much of that Kangaroo meat..makes you mean and crazy..The Turtle needs you here in case they ban HT motors in the US..I don't know anything about E-Bikes..I have 200yards of extension cord and I don't want to buy any more....Oh yea..I do love wheels with spokes on bikes and motorcycles..and I hate anything made out of plastic
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