The Bike rocks but it stopped running suddenly

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    High Im tanks and I just got a beach cruiser with a 2 cycle 80cc motor already installed today. The bike ran fine at first. The idle needed some adjustment but worked fine after some tinkering. I noticed the kill switch wasnt working at all. I pressed it a bunch of times and suddenly it finally killed the motor or it randomly stalled not sure which. The problem is that now I cant get it to start at all. You can turn the pedals and the bike will grumble but its not turning over on its own. I tried letting it sit for a few hours in case it was flooded and that didnt work. I think the kill switch decided to work and hasnt stopped killing it perhaps. I cant see any other reason this would suddenly happen. Im new to these bikes and any suggestions that anyone could spare would be greatly appreciated. When it ran the bike was a blast. I dont think many people here in wisconsin have ever seen one of these bikes. Any how please help me Im struggling and Ive only been riding this thing for a half hour and now this.

  2. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Disconnect the kill switch and see if it runs......
    Good luck
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    sorry to hear this -- especially with a brand new machine !!!

    there are serveral threads dealing with trouble shooting the little HTs

    the main two for starters -- check for spark -- check for fuel

    ride that thing sideways -- when you can
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    RE: bike rocks but it stopped running !!

    Hi Tanks, i know how you feel i've just got a 49cc and mines the same except myn does not have a kill switch all i did was take apart one of the ht wires to stop engine and now it wont start at all ?? i've checked the wires and taken spark plug out and checked to see if it spark's on fin and it did so i know there's a spark i've checked fuel and seems ok so i'm puzzled as to why it wont start now ? after all i only took one wire apart to stop engine it work fine till then ? anybody got any ideas ??

    Regards Steve.
  5. tankaray

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    So I have done some more tinkering today and havent seemed to figure out what is wrong with this bike. I went and got a new spark plug nothing happened. Ive disconnected the Kill switch with no results. The motor just isnt firing. I really dont think Im getting any spark for some reason. What can I do to find out if the CDI is toasted or could it be something else. I am rather frustrated with all of this.
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    Hi Tank, i've got my bike running,dont why or how but the clutch cable must have slipped i just moved the brass barrel about 1/4 inch (sorry i'm too old for this metric stuff) and tried it and hey presto she fired up.

    regards Steve.