The bike that was built in an apartment. 80cc HT

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  1. S.O.G.

    S.O.G. New Member

    It's finally done! My cheap-o-depot "buzz bike" as my gf calls it.

    It's just a 80cc HT, but it took me forever to get running. Built mostly inside my apartment :cool2: because I'm cool like that.

    Painted black to blend in (it's not exactly legal here, technically a motorcycle...) and yes, that's a custom plastic fender on the rear :D

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  2. AussieJester

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    I shall have to save this link for future use when people whine they can't do it because they dont have room they live in an apartment...WEll done mate top job...

  3. S.O.G.

    S.O.G. New Member

    Thanks, should I mention that I'm on the 3rd floor? :p
  4. motorpsycho

    motorpsycho Active Member

    good job!
    if you want to do something bad enough, there is nothing that will stop you.
    A few years ago, my friend and i built a 67 triumph bonneville chopper in the living room of his apartment....on the second floor.
  5. Nice - when I did my first MB I did a lot of it in my living room which my wife wasn't too thrilled about, when I first put fuel in I was relegated to the back porch because I couldn't stop the stinky fuel leak - it turned out the carb needle/seat was clogged, but anyway.
  6. happycheapskate

    happycheapskate Active Member

    Use floor mats!

    I built mine in a small corner of a room, using a busted twin size air mattress as a grease mat. (I cut it in half and gave a friend one half) It is vinyl and stayed put well, and wipes up easily. A similar product would be a $5 large heavy shower curtain. Don't handle the gasoline inside the small space though, fair warning! You could be overwhelmed by fumes or at risk of fires (most likely the neighbors will just report the fumes and the cops will come).
    Put the gas in outside, and be sure to use the petcocks every time you put it inside and put a rag over the gas cap. Beware of using space heaters if you don't have some ventiliation in there.

    Good luck! These things are perfect for apartment dwellers: pedal in/out of the complex, then motor away to work. Forget the Bus and the nasty people on there or getting mugged at the stops.
  7. happycheapskate

    happycheapskate Active Member

    Getting it out won't be too bad if you have thick tires (bike will probably weigh 50-80lb) but getting it up will suck. You could use a bike hoist (they are made to lift a bike in a garage, but with more rope could be used to lift to the third floor. problem is will someone jack it while you are walking up? and will someone still the hoist while you are gone?)

  8. happycheapskate

    happycheapskate Active Member

    re: stock black muffler

    How well is the stock muffler keeping the sound down? I busted mine trying to bend it and have been using a lawn mower muffler (=2hp chainsaw buzz)
    But someday I may need to use a regular muffler.
  9. S.O.G.

    S.O.G. New Member

    I thought about a hoist, but it just was too much extra work. I kept it inside for a few days at first, ended up waking up one morning from a killer headache thanks to the fumes... Keep it on the porch now.

    The noise isn't bad, you cant hear it past 125m when your outside, I know the neighbors hear me pull up though.

  10. I built mine in my apartment on first floor. I also store mine inside, to stop the fumes i cover the gascap with a piece of plastic and a hair tie and i cover the aircleaner intake and that gets rid of most of the gas smells. i put gas and oil in my tank at the gas station and then i shake the bike and im good to go.