The Bike to use?

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by highonlife613, Oct 6, 2006.

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  1. Hey I have a old mountain bike and it had a large aluminum v frame,, so I dicided to use it for my motor... But not when I want to buy a new bicycle all the modern mountain bikes dont have v frames for the it possible for me to buy a road bike and then add mountain bike weeles or will it not work and screw up ????? let me know :?:

  2. bamabikeguy

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    Sep 30, 2006
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    Welcome, I think you'll find the answer to that shaking motor question soon, there are plenty of experts. Same thing on the gallery of bikes.
    I've been happiest with the Sun Alum 7, fattest tires, good breaks, they also have Retro Cruisers with coaster breaks. I pay about $250 new with about 50 bucks in adaptations added.

    You can see some of mine here:

    Except I'm a real putz on pix, haven't figured out how to manipulate the pixel sizes easiest, now a hostage to picasa.
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    my suggestion is buy it pre-assembled. Most mountain bikes have a frame thats too thick and not enough clearance. I tried the motor with a mountain bike and as you can see by my thread...
  4. So would I be able to use a road bike?....Or is mountain bike always better?
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    Aug 4, 2006
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    The motor should fit on a road bike just as well as a mountain bike. I suggest that you get your motor first, and then take it with you to go look at bikes. That is what I did when I got my bikes. This way you know for sure that its going to work. The people showing me the bike thought it was so cool that I was going to put a motor on it.
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    If you have the clearence for the wheels/tires you want to use, mounting it up will be a piece of cake. The problem is that most road bike frames are narrow to reduce wind resistance and your mtn bike tires may not fit in the frame and fork. These engines were designed to bolt up to Chineese bikes that are very similar to the typical 3-speed. There is a guy on the Motokruisers board that had his set up on an old Schwinn Varsity and put over a 1000 miles on it over one summer and never had any problems with the bike...Kelly
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    its not the type of bike really its the frame. From what i've seen where I live, I've yet to see a mountain bike with a larger frame than mine, and mine required hiring a welder to change the air-intake to make it fit. On the other hand, I've seen a handful of road bikes with large enough frames, but they've all had those goofy handles on them. Not sure if its an issue since I've never owned a road bike. As long as they come off...

    Heres what I had to modify to make mine fit:

    Motor mount- welded a mount to the frame. (could of drilled, maybe)
    Air intake- welded so that it wasn't directly under the frame
    Muffler - bent in a vice to make it fit... scratched off the chrome where the dent is. Will probably rust where the chrome came off unless I do something about it.
    Gas tank - zip tie in the front, normal attachment in the back, but it requires monitoring since the attachment in the back is barely on. I got lucky with my arrangement, if my brake lines were exposed that wouldn't of worked.

    So frame can make a huge difference.