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    Hi i am new to this site i have been looking at site for years but finely decided to register. I have attached a Xtracycle so the bike can carry stuff as well as add more stability at higher speeds here is the link that talks about it more

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  2. bobmohler

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    bike with more pictures

    I have posted more pictures i will get to making a video showing it operating.:cool2:

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    Alright Bob!

    Another extra-long bike! It is an admirable build. Your build looks comfortable as well as practical. I made one; it is my primary ride. Keep us posted how it rides and what unique quirks it has about itself. I consider mine to be a long-haul (more than 50 miles at any time) machine. Yours will get a lot of attention!

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    more images

    I have more images also i have noticed that a lot of people check it out like it something they have not before I still remember a few years ago before i added the extension i was waiting at a busy intersection in left turn lane and this person on a motorcycle pulled up in adjacent lane got off and walked all around the my bike wile signal was still red he looked to be an older person with gray hair and beard he seemed interested in it. And asked me questions about it :grin5:

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