The "Billions for Bicycles" is missing some zeros

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by bamabikeguy, Oct 8, 2006.

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    Sep 30, 2006
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    Elsewhere I mentioned "billions for bicycles" in the last energy bill, I am scheduling an eye appointment asap, it only looks to be a tad more than 5 million.
    But still, Tom surely would qualify as a grantee, don't you think? As a "study group" moderator of the MOST proactive MoBike forum?

    Whose the "petition our congress" expert?

    Thats how you move from free stickers to free t-shirts at warped speeds.


    "People who have no weaknesses are terrible; there is no way to take advantage of them". Anatole France

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    Aug 4, 2006
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    hahahaha, thats a stretch. I am pretty out of touch with government and grants and all that jazz... maybe someone else can do it for me.
  3. Yeah how can we see some of that action?
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    OK I just printed the article on H.R.6 and am going to write to pueblo CO. for a grant package......also going to send a letter to the Mayor and city council (I have been trying to get bike lanes here for awhile.)
    Any one else going to try and get a grant

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    Bike lanes

    Hi , The town where I live is building every where due to expansion and groth of our area . As a result they are building a new highway between my town and the neighboring town 35 miles away. Its a grand supperhighway project with new bridges and over and underpasses etc. AS I waited in trafic the other day I noticed that they are putting in a bikelane. Not just a lane on the side of the road but a small seprate road in and of itself. Brand new asphalt about 12-15 feet wide . This is really cool . I can't wait to take it on and buzz to the next town and back. (aprox 70 miles) ................Tom in WV................
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    well, i keep lightly referring to this issue...there MUST be an official motor'd-bike club/org. established if you want real results with uncle sam.

    tom's given us the place, now we have to get together and make our ad-hoc runs/proposals into an organized (& hopefully sponsored) club, with a real name, mission statement, rules & definitions, local chapters, officers, newsletters, member interaction, etc...lotta startup work but worth it.

    so, i'm game, i have a fair amount of time to invest, but i won't/can't do it alone.
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    Well, we are in the "hundreds" now, I've gone thousands of miles on bikes and never seen a "compadre", and have seen two homemade bike setups (chainsaw engines/washing machine belts) while in the car.

    (This doesn't count all the local folks I've built bikes for).

    This winter, as the forum grows, if folks will list their location, we can start to regionalize, think about get togethers like Cookie is talking about in Louisiana next June.

    I'm telling you folks, a 3-4 day solo jaunt into the wilderness is about as close to "cowboy independence" as you can get, take your shoestring off and just see if you can start a fire without a match, it feels good when the smoke starts and you have that "survivor" moment.

    I invited passers through to camp down at the creekbottom in the middle of my place on treks through the area. Or have suggestions for the best parks/towns that offer better than average hospitality. "Trip tips" is a topic when somebody it thinking about taking a medium to long jaunt.

    If I'm going through a town that someone else has already dined in, and say "I heard about this place from Motor-bicycle forum" everybody wins, and the locals will make sure I don't get too lost looking for the next destination.

    Link up with the nearest members, connect the dots, meet at "halfway points", visit small town newspapers with "happy stories".

    The forum about legalities pretty much points to "there is no standard, everyman/woman for themselves" but that's a good thing.

    The main thing is be prepared if $4-5 gas becomes reality, because a flood of folks will arrive on the forum without a clue. What was that Costner madmaxtype movie about the "Postman"?