The black stallion! Friction drive bmx.

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    Here is my first motorized bike. I have about 3 hours riding on it the last 2 days.

    It is a staton friction drive with the subaru eho35 engine. The bike is a wal mart special bmx bike with the decals removed. I looked for the most gangsta out of their selection. This was it. Bought the bike and the engine the same week. First bike I have owned in a loong time.

    Overall impressions: The bike is a BLAST to ride. And it really moves! i thought I might feel some feeling of inefficiency in the ride due to the method of transfer of motion, but I didnt. It feels solid and efficient. (This is the mechanical engineer side of me rearing its head.) I get a really good dose of speed on it and it handles the hills here in the city (Atlanta) nicely. Only the most brutal of hills take a little bit of assist. (175 lbs rider, 1.125 inch drive)

    The engine is great. It starts on 2 pulls or less every time. Sounds good running.

    The staton kit is awesome. Everything about the engine works nicely and the mounts too. The kill switch gave me some problems though. I worked it out though today after much toil.

    All the dudes in my bldg and in the neighborhood are going nuts over this bike. It's like dude crack. Funny.

    Aftermarket: Seat is a cloud 9 suspension seat. Feels good and looks good. (So many cruiser seats look funny for this bike). 2 krog lights for front and back. Painted the yellow housing and the kill switch flat black. Painted the mounting bracked flat black. New kickstand on the way. Rear view mirror on the way. Had to cut the mounting supports a little and drill new holes in them. Also had to drill to holes in the rear of the bike frame to mount on to the bmx bike. There were no holes to mount a rack. BTW I have no such tools so I took it to a machine shop here in town and the guy there did it for me.

    Question: Since painting the engine cover with rustoleum black paint the bike has a stink to it after riding. I'm thinking it is the paint getting hot and releasing stink. I am hoping this goes away after a couple of days. Anyone can verify this?

    Pictures below. This has been a fun adventure!

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    Looks nice. I've got a Staton FD on order, hope to finish my build next week. :) It's possible the paint is still emitting fumes. Although I haven't gotten mine yet, I may remove the plastic housing and fuel tank altogether and mount a tank to the top tube. I took a look at the service manual and it appears that it might be possible to do.
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    First, welcome to the forum!
    To your question: only you can verify but we can suggest. I'd think any paint smell will go away in time as long as you removed the shroud to paint but if you didn't, paint may have gotten on the muffler. In either case I don't think it will be a big deal as long as there wasn't a ton of excess. Leave the cooling shroud on it though as these little engines are designed to run with it in place.
    Good luck with your bike and ride responsibly.
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    if the smell doesn't go away, sand off all the paint and repaint it will high temp barbeque paint.