"The Blue Bomber" my second build

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  1. keylan

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    I am never one to gloat but let me qualify my forthcoming quest for an attaboy. I am not a gear head or a motor head I am "that guy" that comes around and fixes your computer when you can't figure out why porn keeps popping up :) or it crashes...you know, geeky stuff. My first build was fine, a bit ugly, but functional, i had lots of help tho. having said that, I did all of this work myself, 100% of it:clap: which is impressive because i had to replace the back wheel and install a freewheel. I shortened the drive chain the motor came with, i installed the engine, and like components, and installed some brakes!

    I sold that old bike and now i am HOOKED! this is my latest project: an old huffy beach cruiser with big california bars.

    everyone, please, i have very thick skin any and all criticism is welcome so lets hear it
    This is a work in progress and would love any input on how to improve it.



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  2. graucho

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    Way to go! Gloat away :grin5: First off, that is one big a$$ seat. Dont change that. LOL
    A good modification is a clutch mod by Large Filipino. (super easy to pull)
    This thread has a few different styles from a few members.


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  3. keylan

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    thanks for the info, i will look into that for sure!

    the seat i got at target for like 20$, it could be a bit softer, but i call it my "park bench" seat, cos its so wide :)
  4. fetor56

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  5. keylan

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    how do you mean bend the exhaust, like back more, less straight down toward the ground...

    and i took the chain off today and looked into shortening it, i can knock out one link before it is too short for the space provided and it would still be too loose, it needs like 1 1/2 links out...so the roller bearing stays :(
  6. fetor56

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    Bend the pipe so the muffler is more inline with the frame....it will give u more ground clearance,less fumes & the muffler will be easier to secure with a bracket(or the supplied bracket)
    It's a good idea to secure the muffler cos that's a lot of strain where the exhaust bolts to the engine.
    If u can't take a link out of the chain u can't.It looks VERY close so pretty soon it'll stretch enough for that to be possible.
  7. keylan

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    thanks for the info fetor, ill see about bending the exhaust...anything i should lookout for when doing this...obviously remove it from the bike first...

    also the chain will stretch?!?! if so when it does ill knock out a few links and get rid of the tensioner
  8. fetor56

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    See that thread i gave u earlier about bending the exhaust.
    Keep heat on it while your bending or you'll risk kinking the pipe.
    If u don't have the right heat tools screw the exhaust to some wood & take it to a motor shop that installs car exhausts....they can then simply put the wood in a vice & get the oxy on it.
    Better u do it yourself & save $'s plus gain experience.

    The standard HT chain is nicknamed a "stretch-o-matic".....you'll find out why for obvious reasons.If & when u get sick of this chain get a KMC K910 Kool Chain....it fits HT sprockets perfectly.
  9. srdavo

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    Nice job on the build.
  10. Mountainman

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    that's a nice looking -- simple clean -- down to Earth motor bike

    man that seat takes up much of the picture -- nice and big
    as you call it -- your park bench -- I like comfort

    as I ride that thing
  11. keylan

    keylan Member

    thanks guys, i am really excited about this build, i love riding it!
  12. impression

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    Sweet, although that chain looks way too loose, i would take out a few links to the point of only 'just' needing the tensioner and that way as the chain stretches over time you can tighten with the tensioner only :)
  13. keylan

    keylan Member

    i'll look into that for sure
  14. smitty

    smitty Guest

    You could gain some room between the handlebar and the seat by flipping the seat clamp over. Generally the binder bolt goes behind the seat post.
  15. keylan

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    good idea, i didn't think about that, i didn't notice any lack of room or anything, but i am always into new ideas for more leg room. it's always at a premium when your 6'4''