the blues

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by elgallo, Dec 30, 2013.

  1. elgallo

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    Oh I got the blues
    The MB blues.

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  2. grinningremlin

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    First, are you OK??Second, what kind of bike was it (make/model), and was that ground off area of the dropout like that before the break?Third, what's the all up loaded weight of your bike with your weight included?Also, was it AL or steel?
  3. Loose Nut

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    Yea, I hope you're ok, and I REALLY want to hear the rest of the story. I'm not a bike expert, but that frame construction looks odd it me. No visible welds, brazing or lugs. I have bikes around the house from most decades of the last hundred years, and from lots of different countries, none look like your bike. Again, I hope you are feeling no (physical) pain.
  4. elgallo

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    Yeah I'm ok. No pain. The bottom tube was held up by a shop rag I had put behind the headtube to hold the cables. The dropout happened a little ago. Welded that up. The grinds were after it broke to fix it up.
    Weight, don't know about the bike exactly, me 220.

    Murray Monterey 70s-80s steel stamped frame.

    As for what kind of frame, many bikes were made this way, stamped. Freespirit, murray and seen some of the sought after bike makers use the same frame design. Like western flyer, jc higgins, I can't think of others at this moment. They are common.
  5. grinningremlin

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    I'm going to suggest, when shopping for the replacement, research mid 80's to mid 90's lugged steel quality bikes (Bridgestone, Fuji, Nishiki, Cannondale, Haro, Trek,....) lugged steel has a flexibility in the brazing joint that welding can't match, it's been proven to be a stronger/lighter connection than straight tig welding.If not that, there are new "Sun" bikes that are meant for the Clydesdale rider, you are in that category.
    No Huffy/Murray anything, but I guess you know that now.
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  6. BigBlue

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    Yes they were common - I had a 1963 Murray made MonarK that had stamped fitted drop outs. I sold it due to this fact. They are a disaster waiting to happen. I think mine had 2 spot welds. Having the dropouts welded or brazed maybe a solution.

    Glad your O.K. and a lesson learned for anybody contemplating using an old bicycle frame.

    AKA: BigBlue
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  7. Loose Nut

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    Ok, I learned something about frames today. Thanks
  8. elgallo

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    Gremlin I will look into the lugged frames for the next one,
    Thanks and ride on.