The Buiding of the Andian!!!

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  1. I've been thinking of building a cool looking trailer park cruiser for some time and I recently came across this forum (at about the same time as my old bike's mechanicals started to fail). I decided to finally build my bike.

    I did a LOT of web surfing and decided to start with a Cranbrook, partly becauase of the low cost but also, it had several features that I wanted. I want to build my bike as a tribute to the old Indian cruiser motorcycles, like what my dad used to ride. I was going for a style using black handlebars and a minimal amount of Chrome. That is why I decided to go with the Cranbrook fashion model at Wal-mart. I was going to go with the Del Mar but, the frame isn't black, its gray and I'd have to re-paint it. The fasion model Cranbrook already has a black frame and handlebars. Sure, it's got green fenders but they're going to go away anyways. I purchased another set of "stylized" fenders from ebay. I'll be using those. To help with that old-style look, I purchased a springer fork from Bikebuyers-company in black of course.

    I just got the fenders yesterday and started already assembling them. I'll be waiting for the Cranbrook which should be here this week some time. I can't wait!

    I know that running fenders on these bikes increases the risk of harm so I reduced that risk by putting another "L" bracket on the fork mount to help strengthen the one that already exists. I left it silver to show the bracket but I'll be painting it black so that it isn't so noticeable. The fenders are going to be red, along with the chain guards and fuel tank. I've got nylon lock nuts to go on all of the bolts for the fenders.

    Once I get the bike, I'll install the rear fender and the forks. I'm not sure at this point if I'll need to cut the fork tube or not. I've been acquiring goodies for this build over the past weeks and it's nice to at least have two parts that will go together. When I get the bike, things will likely just be a blur.

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  2. spunout

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    that should be sweet when done. thats a cool green. i would have kept the green fenders
    speaking from experience, keep an eye on that front L bracket, too. ive had a few go
  3. I just got my bike today and did a little work on it. I painted the front fender the other day and put the springer together. I spent my lunch putting the bike together and I think it's starting to take shape. The springer front tube was almost two inches too long, so I made a spacer out of a 1-inch copper connector. I had to cut it down about 1/4 of an inch. I need to paint it yet but it works and, it helps keep the handlebars a little higher. The rear fender is still the green one but I'll be working on that soon. And the chain guard is going to get the red treatment also. Once I get the basic bike finished, then it'll be time to start powering this thing, both with lighting and motivation. :grin5:

    Here's some updated pix.

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  4. motorpsycho

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    I personally don't know if i'd trust that copper spacer. There is a lot of stress on that area, and to me it looks like it might be a weak spot. Not saying that the fork tube may fail because of it, but the copper could start to collapse, and cause excess movement of the fork tube. the excess movement (probably back & forth) and vibrations could cause it to come apart. (more than likely not tho) take my advice, i had a fork tube break on a bike when i was about 10 years old. the main fork tube (where you have that spacer) broke inside of the frame tube, the forks came out, i fell off the bike and i landed on the broken tube on my upper right shoulder / chest. 250 stitches, loss of 1/2 the muscle in my shoulder and a lifetime of arthritis. That happened 30 years ago, and i am in pain every day of my life because of it. The fork tube broke because it was made out of very cheap, thin metal. This was on a huffy style 3 speed 26" bike and i was just riding down the street at a slow speed when it happened.
    i'm not saying that what you did will cause the same thing, but i am personally very leary of a modified fork tube or a spacer to take up the extra space....just my opinion.
    if it were mine, i'd cut the fork tube to the right length and then thread the end of it to accept the nut and do away with the spacer.
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  5. Thanks Motorpsycho.

    I appreciate your input, especially since it's ME that would take the brunt of the beating should something go wrong. Take a look at where the spacer is and where the upper bearing is. The bearing is below the spacer, meaning that the spacer is only holding the spring perch, not the wieght of the bike (and me). I will be keeping an eye on it to be sure that it doesn't move around any. I also have a piece of black iron pipe that I can cut and place in there if this shows any sign of fatique. Mainly, the head pipe still has the bearings in the original places both top and bottom. Even if I cut the length of the fork tube, the bearings would still be in the same place. The mfr of the forks threaded the tube down enough that I COULD cut the tube and move the spring mount down, but, that would change the angle of the springs drastically and, I was hesitant to heat and bend the spring mount on the fork tube that much for fear it might fatigue the mount. It would have a pretty severe bend in it. More than it was designed for. I took it for a little spin tonight and it handled pretty well but I will be keeping an eye on that spacer!
  6. motorpsycho

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    ok, it makes more sense now. I didn't mean to sound like i was shooting down your idea, i just didn't like the looks of it from the pics.
    but now that you have explained it, it should be ok.
  7. azbill

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    cool build :)
    where did you get the new fenders,,,very stylish !!!
  8. Thanks AZbill! I found them on Ebay, item #370297881443. Wal-Mart also sells a bike that has them, called the Polaris. I wanted a black frame so it was easier for me to buy the Cranbrook and get the fenders.

    Motopsycho, not a problem at all. This is my first motorized bike and there's a lot to learn. The transer of information is what makes this forum so great.

    thanks for checking it out. I'll have pix of the bike with both fenders tomorrow.
  9. Got the rear fender on over lunch break and installed the mirrors. I'm wondering what it would look like with the mirrors painted black? Thoughts?

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  10. After work, I went out and worked a little more on the Andian. I got the "saddlebags" installed and did a little more work before taking it out on the town. :grin5:

    It's starting to come together but I can't wait until I get my engine! I already have a fuel tank for it that I got for 25 bucks. I still have to re-paint it to remove the flames but at least I got the idea of what it will look like. Still got some neat stuff planned for this bike!

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  11. motorpsycho

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    why remove the flames on the tank? flames make things look more like a hot rod.

    well, now that i went and looked at the pics. those flames are not the best looking flames. (i'd remove them too).
    besides that, i think they are decals with clear coat sprayed over them.
  12. You're right Motorpsycho, they are decals. I've got my own decal that I'm going to put on the tank. A friend is making me up a set of decals that would look much more at home on this bike. It should be fun! Engine should be here on Friday! I see a weekend install coming!

    So what does everybody think, should I paint the mirrors black or leave them chrome?
  13. TREEWK

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    Motorbike, Welcome, You Are Doing A Bang Up Build. Glad To See The Tank On A Bike, I Got One Last Month, Black With Red Flames, I Think!! Lol. Yeah, I Remember Now, Black. Have Pics Of It On My Tailgate. Where And How Much For Cap And Gas Line Barb? $40 With S/h. 2 1/2 Gals Cap. I Like The Chrome Mirrow`s, Paint May Peel. Thinking About The Fork Tube. When Tube Is Threaded, It Weakens It Considerable. The Bracket Banging Away 2 Or More Inches Above The Bearing Nuts Is A Worryment! If You Have Or Could Get A Long Neck Tube To Extend Below The The Top Head Tube Bearings. And If The Locking Wedge Would Be Below The Top Bearings You Would Be Safe. It Would Also Reinforce The Higher Fork Spring Position. The Fenders Do Add A Nice Look. Have You Designed The Tank Mounts Yet? How About A Nice Side Pic With The Tank? I Would Like To Buy More Of The Tanks. This Addiction Is Bad!! I Remember When I Was A Kid, Would Paint Bike With A Brush And Hardware Hank 24 Hour Enamel And Ride It The Next Day Before The Paint Was Dry. Later Ron
  14. Hi Treewk,

    Thanks for the compliments! I like it so far and I've got more neat stuff in store for it. At least, I think they'll be neat! :grin5:

    I didn't modify the tube on the forks so, theoretically, the tube runs the entire length of the assembly and is as strong as the factory unit. The only point that I feel I will need to keep an eye on is the spring mount and the copper coupling. IF I see any wear there, I'll replace the part with a section of black iron pipe that is much heavier, thicker and of course, harder to work with. Time will tell.

    I saw that tank on these forums and had to have one. The gas cap is item number 230395528082 on ebay. I got the ignition with it as well because I'm going to try and do something with that as well. The petcock for the tank is item number 380137886995.

    Thanks for checking it out!
  15. Treewk,

    Here's a side pic of the bike along with a photo of the mount. This one came out a little rougher than I'd like but when I took measurements, I didn't account for the thickness of the metal when I transfered them onto the metal. Therefore, the mount came out a little fat for the application. Down the road, we'll be addressing that but for now, the tank is mounted.

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  16. TREEWK

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    Mw, I Think The Tank Looks Perfect. Always Thought The Ht Tanks Look To Small. But, For The Low Kit Price`s One Should Not Complain. I Thought About Some Rubber Around The Tube For The Rear Tank Mount With A U Bolt With Acorn Nuts On Top (painted Red Of Course!! Lol). Thanks For The Pics.
  17. 5-7HEAVEN

    5-7HEAVEN Guest

    It's A Hemi!

    You're doing a GREAT job on your Andian, pal.

    Off topic, but I just can't keep my eyes off that hemi-powered classic hotrod in your garage. Could you tell us a little about that car?

    Hawaii Ed would love it too.:jester:
  18. Yeah, it's a Hemi!

    Thanks for the kind words guys!

    That's my 27 Model T ford. Been working on it since High School. That hemi is a '56 Desoto 330 cubic inch engine. I've been piecing it together slowly. Someday I'll get it finished. Right next to it is my 32 Chevy. It was my best friend's dad's and I bought it from his widow after he passed on. I've been working on that one currently. Someday...

    I'm happy to talk about my cars also (always been an enthusiast) but, I've got to report that my engine just showed up!!!! Minutes ago! I ordered a Black STallion from and when it showed up, it turned out to be a Grubee!!!!!! Hopefully I'll get some time this weekend to get it together.

    I also got a headlight on the Andian. I bought a house spotlight from Home Depot (one of those with the little transformers that go outside by your walkway). I had to build a mount for it (not painted yet) but I think it'll work fine. I have a 7ah gel cell battery that I hooked up to it the other night. It only dropped 1/10th of a volt an hour so, as long as I don't do any marathon midnight runs, I should be fine. I'll be putting a rear light on it soon.

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  19. TREEWK

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    Andy, Thanks For Sharing With Us. It Looks Like You Have Learned One Thing We All Learn In A Short Time! A Mans Shop Or Garage Can Never Be Too Big!! Lol. Ron
  20. I hear ya there TREEWK!!!! Between the cars and the bikes and the airplanes, it's getting kinda tight! At least everything in there is a roller so I can remove them and work on them or, make room to work on something else.

    Got the engine mounted tonight. I've got to do some painting to make everything look good. Had to make my own front mount, like usual. I don't have the petcock for the fuel tank yet so I'll have to use the one from the kit. It'll make for a nice comparison between the two and I know that the petcock is on it's way. I should have some pix tomorrow.

    That black Grubee looks great in the frame!
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