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    Hello-Timmy here. I have just completed a build of a 1969 Schwinn Sting Ray Fastback with a ZB 80cc engine. It required some custom fabricating,but it was actually quite easy to install. These bikes aren't really designed for an engine,but it works pretty well.....Some people say they are wheelie-prone,and that's true to a point-it is actually pretty easy to control after a few minutes of seat time. The Fastback frame works better than a regular Sting Ray or Krate-it has much more room to hang stuff. The rear tire is a 1.90-it fits well inside the narrow frame. Up to 25 mph,the rear hand brake is okay-but I plan to add a front brake soon. I suggest a spring-loaded chain tensioner-it smooths things out a lot! Take care-Happy Riding!!! Timmy

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    Al.Fisherman Active Member many bikes are designed for engines...Now for a add on below
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