The china gurl that breaks my heart at times.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Atownjon, May 25, 2013.

  1. Atownjon

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    She's been doing good lately though, tell me what you think! Still working on new chrome parts but basically all aftermarket!:)

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  2. bluegoatwoods

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    A fine looking machine!

    Is the bike a Huffy Cranbrook? (That's what I ride and I'm happy with it) It certainly looks like one, but the chrome fenders have thrown me for a loop. I even painted my tank to match, just like you.

    Oh, what the heck...I'll attach a photo.

    But on the subject of fenders, let me refer you to a thread titled "Beware the fenders", author; thatperson. It has info that you'll want to ponder.

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  3. Atownjon

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    Yeah it's a huffy cranbrook, I just bought the avenier chrome wide fenders off of amazon. They're axle mounted not frame mounted and have a better mounting system on the inside, the stock one have a stupid "screw into a plate" design and after 6 months they rusted fast due to the thinner plate design. The avenier fenders I purchased here have a nut and bolt for more security, but like anything else metal no doubt they will rust too. But I'm soon to buy the rust prevention spray to see if it helps.

    To your "fender beware" post lead yes I've read something of that category and it does set a worry in my mind also. I was thinking of backing up the support system under neath the fender with some gorilla glue or some epoxy of some sort for extra security. These fenders I have are strong and think will last, I hope.... Haha.

    But I'm not done with customization either, and I have more parts upgrades coming. Will be posting new pics soon, so stay tuned!

    Thanks for your comments.