The chinarelli lives!


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6:25 PM
Dec 16, 2022
Sorry its been a while for the update. It runs! Quite well also. had to pull it apart and go over a few things. made some changes too. its got a zeda80 rod instead of the AF80, still a 40mm stroke. i had to rework the exhaust port a little and gain some good ole time/area. ive got a windowed piston that im not liking too much.. its very sluggish at low rpm but once its moving its not so bad. when it gets on the pipe tho.. good lord it gets up and goes! prior to the window piston was just a standard one and my low end had a lot of torque, its still got the torque, just not the low rpms, id say from 2500+.. i really need a tach so im not guessing all the time.. but yeah.. smolik performance parts ftw again! i think im gonna have them mill out a 49mm cylinder later on and give that a test.. speaking of 49mm.. lol.. ive destroyed 3 pistons, 4 sets of rings, 2 jugs, and 3 or 4 wristpin bearings making those 49s do some ridiculous high rpm runs. unfortunately the phone i was recording with did not manage to retain the video or photo or half of its internals during its 64mph ejection from the holder into a 0.0001 sec complete stop/explosion of lots of little samsung parts.. poor S8.. anyway, moving on... i got another S8.. yeah, so.. 64 is hella fast.. i dont recommend it. thats probably where the crack in my frame came from, or when my axle broke a couple months ago.. thats a whole different issue needing to be addressed asap. i wish i had a tig welder. :(. oh well.. as always, ride fast.. take chances!

later! 🤘 :cool: