the closing of a circle

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    Well sometime about 55 years ago I was on two wheels and using leg power,,,, in the interveining time span I have been on 2 3 4 and 6 wheels but they were mostly gas or desil powered and big.

    So now at my age with a big heart litterly and figuratively I am back to the begining again!

    I recently bought a 24V Sloane dual motored friction drive that has a bad thumb throttle and is not doing what I was hoping for. So I found you guys and hope that I will get the answers I need to questions I may not have even though of yet.

    The second project bike is already here I found a mongoose mountain bike$30.00 USD, a 24 V 450 watt $25.00 USD a currie controller 24V $20.00 and a currie twist grip throttle and if I'm lucky some lithium batteries 3.7 v 1200 mah cells $3.00 each

    Here is a question should I use 10 Cells or 7 or go for broke and build 14 units into a case to max the amps ?

    yep i could use some help putting this together too!

    Over the next few weeks I will put up photos and questions, I no longer have access to the tool shop i built over many years or even the monies to just buy what I want, so I am starting from scratch

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    welcome aboard.

    I dont' have the answers that you need, but someone who does will come along.

    good luck and have fun.