the **** CLUTCH!

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    I don't know what to do, i'm going to end up in the looney bin over this MB.
    As ive stated in the new member post, im having a huge problem with the clutch assembly. First things first, i am a :???: new owner of an ebay 80cc motorbike kit from powerkingshop.

    For one, it seems that the clutch line is too short after you put it through the little wire route thing underneath the carb. Secondly, i've noticed in pictures through the site that the clutch arm swings from parallel to the bike towards the inside of the bike (towards the engine). Mine swings from parallel to the bike towards the outside of the bike (away from the engine).

    Now theres a bolt on the top of the arm that appears to have no purpose. I unscrewed the bolt to try to adjust cause i thought that may have been the problem but its welded or something.

    I'm new, i'm new, i don't know what to do! (Joe Dirt)

    Help, please :smile:

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    Do you have pictures ?

    Ok, if the cable is too short, go to a bike shop and get a heavy duty steel break cable and thread it through and cut it at the end after you have threaded that brass cable stop.

    The clutch arm seems to be on backwards. Remove the cover, turn the arm while lifting, you will see a pin on the inside of the cover, leave that pin as it is. As you twist the arm and lift at the same time, it will come right out of the cover. Then re-fit the arm again, and you by then ought to see how it all works.
    You will see another pin at the small sprocket, in the centre hole you have to fill that up with grease.
    Also, watch for the bearing don't fall out when you remove that pin where the sprocket is.
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    Your the man, man. thank you that helped a tonnage.
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    you can remove the arm and shift it inwards in by 8 -9 splines by removing the nut an then remove the arm from the cover and using another nut give it a tap in the vise but mark it first to make sure you go the right way in and it will make your pivot point better but clutch will allways move as it wears as mine does it also makes it lighter as the angle is better an doesn't wear the cable as much
    bits missing is on the ball with what he said about h/d cable for them they can need it its a bit late but it might still help you
    thanks nickk
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